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How it works?

Telepresence Robotics is a field which has been created largely with the
intention of enabling people to connect more efficiently with others who are at
a distant location. Telepresence Robots function via an internet connection, which
makes connections with others generally simple and extremely convenient.
The Double by Double Robotics is a great example. Click here to check it out!

Vgo by Vgo Communications

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Telepresence allows you to connect in a more meaningful way
than talking to a screen. Through a Remote Presence or Telepresence Device
you can interact with your environment in ways like never before.
Check out this article to learn more. What are Telepresence Robots?


New Robots

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The Endurance robot comes equipped with an ASUS Nexus tablet and the LinPhone program, an open-source application similar to Skype.
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The Padbot includes some unique elements, such as a collision-prevention system and an anti-falling system; which will automatically stop the robot if it is close to an edge or in danger of falling.
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The Teleporter robot from Orbis Robotics offers WiFi and optional Cellular wireless operation, amplified speakers and a noise canceling microphone in addition to its 20" LCD High-Resolution monitor.
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"Carl" features a high-resolution 17" LCD monitor, a high-definition webcam, and a built-in amplified speaker system with optional wireless headphones for privacy.
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Ava 500

The Ava 500 is a telepresence robot offering from iRobot, which focuses more on use for businesses as opposed to the RP-VITA, their robot which is designed for use in hospitals.
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Beam+ is the latest offering from Suitable Technologies.  Designed as a smaller, home-use alternative to its predecessor, Beam, the Beam+ telepresence robot allows family members to visit with one

Latest reviews

Cisco and IRobot's invention looks cool

I've seen some reviews stating how weird it looks but I think new technology always looks weird. I remember when skype first came out and people were hesitant at first because, after all, why not just make a phone call.

Double by Double Robotics

I really want one but the only reason I haven't yet got it is that I've heard there is a 3 month waiting period. I think it looks really sleek and sexy. However, this would make it difficult to call in sick from work.

Suitable Tech's Beam Winning

Just from the fact that Scott Hassan from Willow Garage is the CEO I would say Beam is heading in the right direction. Suitable Technologies is even providing Beams (for an extremely small fee compared to traditional costs) at conferences to attend.

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