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How it works?

Telepresence Robotics is a field which has been created largely with the
intention of enabling people to connect more efficiently with others who are at
a distant location. Telepresence Robots function via an internet connection, which
makes connections with others generally simple and extremely convenient.
The Double by Double Robotics is a great example. Click here to check it out!

Vgo by Vgo Communications

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Telepresence allows you to connect in a more meaningful way
than talking to a screen. Through a Remote Presence or Telepresence Device
you can interact with your environment in ways like never before.
Check out this article to learn more. What are Telepresence Robots?


New Robots


PadBot is a telepresence robot. People can use PadBot to represent him/her remotely by showing his/her video, voice and movements in real-time.

Ava 500

iRobot Ava 500 offers a whole new level of telepresence to the enterprise.


Beam+ is the latest offering from Suitable Technologies.  Designed as an smaller home use alternative to its big brother, Beam+ allows family members to visit wth one another no matter where in the

adept mobile peoplebot p3dx remote presence

Peoplebot P3-DX

The PeopleBot P3-DX is built on a Pioneer P3-DX base. The extension to that base allows for human chest height interaction with the robot.


Look Ma, Hands!

We were pretty excited last month when we saw the release or Origibot's Indiegogo campaign. This low cost telepresence robot has an arm and gripper, truly separating it from the pack of existing bots out there. You now have the ability to interact with the environment you teleport yourself to.

Pet Telepresence

One of the questions I was asked while Beaming at the recent RoboBusiness conference, was just how many consumer applications for telepresence there were.  While most systems are primarily enterprise solutions and cost upwards of $10,000, there are a few like the Double, Swivl or Kubi, which are a little more down to earth for the average user.  One area I had heard about, but never fully covered was applications for pets.

Latest reviews

Cisco and IRobot's invention looks cool

I've seen some reviews stating how weird it looks but I think new technology always looks weird. I remember when skype first came out and people were hesitant at first because, after all, why not just make a phone call.

Double by Double Robotics

I really want one but the only reason I haven't yet got it is that I've heard there is a 3 month waiting period. I think it looks really sleek and sexy. However, this would make it difficult to call in sick from work.

Suitable Tech's Beam Winning

Just from the fact that Scott Hassan from Willow Garage is the CEO I would say Beam is heading in the right direction. Suitable Technologies is even providing Beams (for an extremely small fee compared to traditional costs) at conferences to attend.

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