Beam telepresence robot being viewed by three people in the background.

Telepresence robots save money!

Telepresence robots enable you to save $1000s on flights and keep a strong presence anywhere
in the world. All you need is a web browser, tablet, or smartphone app, and you
have the ability to control a telepresence robot. Hospitals, businesses, and schools are
already using telepresence robots to increase productivity and enhance communication.
The PadBot v.2  is just one example. Click here to check it out!

Vgo Communications VGo robot is pictured here as the background image.

How telepresence robots help YOU.

Telepresence robots allow you to connect with others more effectively than by simply talking
on the phone or taking waaay to much time to schedule a video call meeting. Using a telepresence robot,
(remote presence robot) you can communicate with others instantly and interact with your
medical staff, business employees, or family at home in new, more efficient ways.
Learn more about telepresence robots and how they can help you by clicking here!


Recommended Robots

Inbot Technology Padbot main image

PadBot v.2

The PadBot telepresence robot: Version 2 includes some unique features, such as a wide-angle lens, Auto-Activation, Automatic Docking (the robot returns to the charger when the battery is low), Tablet Auto-Charge, and an external speaker...

Double 2 telepresence robot from Double Robotics main image.

Double 2

The Double 2 robot is the newest version of the Double telepresence robot from Double Robotics.  The Double 2 includes improved lateral stability control, Power Drive, and a Camera Kit.  The price shown is for the Double 2 Full Set...

VGo Communications VGo robot image with clear background.


Produced by VGo Communications, the VGo telepresence robot is an elegant looking robot with far more than simply the basic features that are common amongst telepresence robots. The VGo also includes unique features such as a high resolution...

Giraff Technologies' Giraff medical telepresence robot main image.


Giraff Technologies' Giraff telepresence robot helps elderly people remain in their homes for longer, and allows them to stay connected to their friends and family in the most personal way possible without actually being there...

Orbis Robotics' Carl telepresece robot main image


Orbis Robotics' Carl telepresence robot features a high-resolution 17" LCD monitor, a high-definition webcam, and a built-in amplified speaker system with optional wireless headphones for privacy. One of the features which...

Orbis Robotics Teleporter robot main imagine


The Teleporter telepresence robot from Orbis Robotics offers WiFi and optional Cellular wireless operation, amplified speakers and a noise-canceling microphone in addition to its 20" LCD High-Resolution monitor. Up to five additional users can participate...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Telepresence Robot?

Telepresence robots have often been referred to as "skype on wheels." However, telepresence robots (also known as virtual presence robots or remote presence robots) are much more...

What features are offered?

There are many features which telepresence robots of all types share, whether they are robots used in the home, office, or hospital. One of the more common features is HD video resolution...

Are Telepresence Robots HIPAA Compliant?

You may be familiar with a very short, glib response to the question, which says, "Telepresence robots do not need to be HIPAA compliant." However, the full answer is more complex.  If you are familiar with HIPAA, you can fast-forward...

New Telepresence Robot Reviews

Great customer service and amazing...

Scheduling an appointment with Endurance was very easy.

Great robot!

Giraff is undeniably one of the best options for a telepresence robot on the market.

The Giraff Plus: revolutionizing remote...

Hospitals and physicians around the world are beginning to use telepresence robots to enhance the medical care they provide.

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