Telepresence Robot Reviews

All telepresence robot reviews can be found from this page. You will find robot reviews for home telepresence robots, business telepresence robots, and medical telepresence robots. You can sort by the type of robot, click to see each robots reviews page, or simply view the overall rating for each robot.

Robot Description
Overall Rating

BotEyes Mini reviews

I purchased this as my production line is in a cleanroom in San Lorenzo and I am in San Diego. The product required a little assembly and was rather easy…

TeleMe 2 reviews

I had the pleasure to perform a demo drive of MantaroBot’s TeleMe 2. Setting up the appointment was easy - I only had to fill a simple form and was…

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Giraff reviews

I chose Giraff for a project because it can be programmed - unlike most other telepresence robots available. It has worked great for demos and I look forward to creating…

Beam Pro reviews

I've been using the Beam Pro for four months and it has been a workhorse.We have used it in various capacities without any problems. For presentations, robotics demos(for industry). We…

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