Amigo Service Robot: research through machine learning

image of amigo service robot

     Previously we have written about some popular robots like the PR2 from Willow Garage, or HERB from Carnegie Mellon. Today I am pleased to present you with AMIGO, from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. AMIGO means Autonomous Mate for IntelliGent Operations.

     AMIGO is currently taking part in the RoboEarth project, which connects him to other robots over a cloud network. This enables them to help solve each others problems through machine learning. This would be similar to me Googling how to tie a bow-tie, rather than each acting in its own world, they can use each other to identify objects and perform tasks. No roboticist is able to create an algorithm or instructions for every circumstance. Using this network, robots can learn to deal with unforeseen circumstances, increasing their utility around the home and elsewhere.

     AMIGO won’t be hitting the market anytime soon, and even if he were to become available, I would roughly guesstimate his (I’m quite certain it’s a he) cost to be in the tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds. His Philips experimental robots arms and laser range finder are two of the more pricier items on his frame. He also requires three laptop computers to manage his ‘brain’ as it were. A list of his specs can be found here if you are interested in checking out what he’s made of.

     The research and result of projects like Amigo and RoboEarth allow robots to get a few steps closer to entering our homes. However if you can’t wait for Amigo to get into your home, you can catch him at this year’s RoboCup2013, taking place at the end of June on Tech United’s home turf in the Netherlands.


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