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Robots are prevalent in the military. Whether it is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or a bomb diffusing robot, they help keep our soldiers out of harm’s way. Now, thanks to a US Navy reservist Lieutenant Commander, Jeremy Robbins, and Florida International University, police officers will have a chance to operate a telepresence patrol bot. The idea is to get disabled law enforcement officers get back out onto the street. Officers that are facing early retirement due to a physical disability could take advantage of this technology to continue to serve. Robbins declared, “We want to use telebots to give disabled military and police veterans an opportunity to serve in law enforcement. With telebots, a disabled police officer will be capable of performing many, if not most, of the functions of a normal patrol officer – interacting with the community, patrolling, responding to emergency calls, issuing citations. Telerobotics has already begun to make its way into the worlds of medicine, business and the military. Extending it into law enforcement is simply the natural progression of things.” If initial prototypes work, additional sensors can be added to provide a telexistance capability. The program will take advantage of two robots on loan from The IHMC’s (institute for Human and Machine Cognition), Urban Warrior Project. The robots will be reconfigured from fighting in an urban combat zone to a more approachable yet authoritarian civilian model, without the $500,000 price tag either. Source

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