Double Demand for the "Double"

Double robots pictured in a yellow-walled room.

Teleconferencing is continuing to become more expansive with emerging telepresence technologies. "The Double 2" is basically a smart device on a segway, operating as a slim mobile extension of the iPad. Its simple design makes it attractive to the consumer market, and easy to operate. Telecommunication is responsible for the robotics industry’s ever-increasing popularity. According to Jay Liew, Double Robotics' team member, they have been receiving orders faster than they can produce. Production for the Double is currently backordered three months, with 90% of orders coming from businesses. Dmitry Grishin, founder of Grishin Robotics, has donated $25 million to fund the startup project for the Double Robotics campaign. Grishin believes in personalized robots, which are fit to meet the needs of the ordinary consumer, or any business franchise that can benefit from telecommunication technologies. There is an increasing demand for internet-based technologies, specifically those which revolve around teleconferencing and telecommunication. For this reason, investments in the robotics industry are beginning to skyrocket. Many are beginning to see the importance and potential of telepresence systems, and personal robots are making their way into the consumer market as a result. The Double proves that there is a very large demand for this type of product in the consumer market. Smart companies are now looking to the robotics industry for investing, which will lead to increased awareness of the industry, as well as easier and more efficient robot production. Personal robots are becoming more affordable as this happens, which is apparent with “the Double” having a price tag of only $2000. -Brandon Evans *photo credit WIRED PHOTO of Dmitry Grishin with a collection of Doubles, in San Francisco-based Double Robotics office:

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