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I’m always curious about what’s going on in the halls of the NASA and this past Wednesday I had an awesome opportunity to do just that.  NASA’s SSERVI (Solar System Exploration and Research Virtual Institute) has gotten a hold of two Double robots, so I decided to head over and drive one around.  

Teague was my tour guide through the institute, even taking me into one of the labs which had some really nice hi-res shots of the moon surface, while scientists and researchers discussed features for future exploration and potential space missions.  I happened to show up during the NASA Exploration Science Forum and got to stand in (Double-in really) on a few presentations.  While the audio and visual were a bit tough, mostly due to my slow connection, it was still great to attend.  I could have just as easily caught the conference via a webfeed, knowing I could track down the presenter and stroll through the halls interacting with other conference attendees to ask questions, was great.  

NASA really wants to open up the institute to the public whether they are Citizen Scientists, Educators, or Students.  I do recommend that your driving device be plugged in as my laptop battery decided to have a fit and cut out right at the end of the tour, leaving my Double stranded.  Sorry about that.    

For our own tour head over to SSERVI for more info.


Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

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