Full telepresence comes to the Surface

MantaroBot TeleMe 2 robot pictured with a Surface as its head.

With most telepresence robots operating on either an iOS or Android tablet or phone, now you have an alternative. MantaroBot just launched their new Microsoft Surface tablet holder for it’s TeleMe 2 telepresence robot. It would now appear to be one of the only telepresence robots out there compatible with Microsoft; a welcome addition for IT staff. While Kubi accepts the Surface, the TeleMe 2 robot is the only mobile platform you can drive around.

The TeleMe 2 is the 2nd generation of the MantaroBot TeleMe robots and it has some nice upgrades from its predecessor. My favorite is the user controlled LED lights at the base. Driving around a London museum after dark a few months ago, was a little daunting, though I understand the ambiance they were trying to create. Laser pointers could be making a comeback as they seem to have been removed from a few initial models from other manufacturers.

With the USB 3.0 port, peripherals can be attached and now the possibility of attaching a Microsoft Kinect is possible for potential mapping and autonomous operation thanks to its 3D camera. You’ve also some programmable GPIO on board to allow for additional customized options. Perhaps you feel like you need some ultrasonic sensors or additional IR sensors for greater obstacle detection. If that does seem a little daunting for you, they do offer engineering services to implement your special requests. With the explosion of robot manipulator arms in the past year, don’t think your request is out of ‘reach’?

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