How botiful it is

botiful telepresence device

Having successfully fulfilled their Kickstarter campaign, Botiful is headed for production. Developed by Claire Delaunay Botiful is a Skype based telepresence robot. Though small, this pint size robot gives you some abilities those full-sized one can’t. Need to take a look under the car or chase your cat out from under the furniture, just let Botiful handle the work.

The Skype app allows you to not only drive Botiful around and tilt it’s head, but also includes some fun features like dance movements and quirky cartoon sounds that can add some entertainment to your conversations. This takes emoticons to a whole new level. Botiful is currently available only for Android, but I’m told they are working on an iPhone version. If you missed out on the Kickstarter funding, you can be on the lookout for Botiful to hit the retail market in mid-2013 with an expected price around $299 or more depending upon options. Photos via Kickstarter

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