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In only their third year, Innorobo held in Lyon,France has been able to bring together some of the better companies in Europe involving robotics. Spanning the spectrum of service robots from light industrial and agricultural to medical and educational. Some of these technologies are amazing and show a lot of potential. I’ll get some posts up about a few of them in the coming weeks, but a few of the ones I found rather unique was the Vitorover, which aims to change the agricultural process and replace herbicides with autonomous robots. Then there is Bestic, which is a small eating assistive device that allows people that cannot eat on their own the ability to feed themselves without an assistant.


Photos via Innorobo


Another exciting event for Innorobo this year was the introduction of a call for startups as a lead up to the main event.  Five finalists from a global applicant pool were able to take the stage and pitch investors as well as display their wares in the StartUp Hall.     

1st place: SELFTECH – Portugal : Golmow has developed a fully electric and autonomous mowing machine for Golf courses. Unlike existing mowing machines, they have a proprietary system that eliminates the need to install a fixed infrastructure near the course.

Photo source:  SelfTech


2nd place: Hikob – France : Is developing wireless instrumentation systems and wireless sensor network technology for environment, defense and critical applications in smart cities.

Photo source: Innorobo


3rd place: WittyWorX – Netherlands : Has built an affordable intelligent robot buddy for young children capable of playing interactive games

Photo source:  WittyWorx


4th place: FIVE FIVE – France : Aims to develop the next generation of smart products for your home.  Currently they have developed an iOS connected Lamp that reinvents the way you interact with light. A picture here wouldn’t really do justice. See the below video.

5th place: Veterobot – Germany : They have created an open robotics platform to build fun algorithms from ready to use software blocks.  The robot is equipped with a variety of sensors and is capable of driving in an autonomous mode or directly over the internet through their OpenGL based cockpit.

Photo via Veterobot  (Video is in Spanish)

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