iRobot is a robotics company that was formed in 1990 by robotics experts from MIT who wished to make robots part of everyday life.  iRobot is based in Bedford, Massachussetts.  They are a publicly owned company and traded on the public market and recognized by the ticker acronym of IRBT.  While they manufacture many different robots, their current remote presence robots include the iRobot Ava 500 and the RP-Vita. iRobot and InTouch Health work to promote the RP-Vita in hospital and medical settings that seek to utilize telemedicine applications.  For more information on the RP-Vita medical telepresence robot you can view the RP-Vita robot page or the InTouch Health section found on our telepresence robot manufacturers’ page (You can find the link to that page within our site’s footer).

The Ava 500, referred to by iRobot as the “Ava 500 video collaboration robot,” is a telepresence robot focused on business executives and others in corporate settings who seek to have a more impressive and commanding remote presence, provide virtual/remote governance, training, and lectures, and who wish to interact and communicate more effectively and efficiently with remote environments.

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