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If you’ve ever seen pictures or videos of Kismet and always wanted one, read on. Created and developed by XYZBot (out of Denver, CO), Fritz is their first product offering. I was able to meet the creators at a recent National Robotics Week event. Steven and Kerwin, the creators of Fritz, are both incredibly excited to get this into the hands of kids and makers to see what will happen. Kerwin tells me he’s already got several additions to Fritz for future deployment.  


With just a little over two weeks left in their Kickstarter project, they’re already fully funded and I’m sure we’ll see those out sooner rather than later. I’m already looking forward to seeing one put on wheels. Of course the obvious tie in will be to implement a camera and integrate a face tracking feature.  That should allow Fritz to take on some telepresence capabilities, allowing viewers to gaze at Fritz, rather than you.





Fiberboard version of Fritz above on the left, with the acrylic white version and the software on right

Fritz fills a nice niche in the robotics world as great low cost animatronic robot. Kismet for example, costs about $25,000 in parts alone plus several more computers that are needed, allowing him to operate. It’s also great to see a product that is physical, rather than just some animation on a screen. As Fritz is based upon the Arduino platform, expansion will be relatively easy for those looking for a challenge.


Fritz on display




To get a more personal of Fritz, check out the Tour De Fritz video below:



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