Meet Romo, The Smartphone Robot

Originally promoted through Kickstarter in 2011, Romotive, the makers of Romo, have already developed a 3rd generation version. Romo 2.0 was introduced on Kickstarter in November of 2012 with a sleeker design, new features and updated programming. Romotive is doing a great job of processing feedback from customers and implementing important changes into their newer models.

Unlike many other telepresence robots, Romo is interactive and comes with games and different behaviors. He’s meant to be played and engaged with. In fact, as you engage with him, new behaviors will be unlocked when challenges are completed. The vision of for the Romo is to be much more than just a toy, however. Romotive seems to view the Romo offering as a platform where hardware and apps can be developed for further functionality. Current Romotive developers are working on face recognition, autonomous navigation, and graphical programming. Additionally, Romotive seems to want to get Romo into the hands of children of all ages to help them learn about both programming and robotics and to become familiar with telepresence robots.

Regarding the controls, Romo currently only compatible personal computers and with the Apple iOS tables: iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Android capability will be added in the future but there is no set date regarding when it will be functional.

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