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One of the few companies we haven’t reported on yet is Robotex. They introduced their telepresence robot offering, Avatar Home and Security, at CES 2013. Robotex knows how to make a solid mobile base for a platform and this entry into the consumer market will potentially lead to some interesting products in the future. Earlier products by Robotex were almost strictly for law enforcement. With the introduction of Avatar they have entered the home security market, allowing you to patrol your home from afar. Two models, the standard and the stairclimber. With the price starting at $299 + service , this will likely be a popular product for homeowners wanting to give their homes some added protection. There is also an outright purchase option available for $499. You’ll want to read to read the details to make sure you’re getting what you want. The Avatar is currently only available for the iPod or iPad, however you can control through any iOS device or PC/Mac. We’re told that an Android version is coming out later this year. Also an unknown is the runtime and recharging. This Avatar Base Robot is designed to be open source both hardware and software, so it will only be a matter of months before we see some interesting uses for it. I for one could see some novel uses if you made a USB port available. Between playing fetch with my dog and giving him treats, there would be possibilities for game development and interaction.

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