Night at the Museum Telepresence Style

The Tate Musuem in Britian is hosting four robotics guests for an after hours tour through the museum.  The  “After Dark”  exhibit is a cross between chat roulette and Skype.  You can logon to the site and using your Google Chrome browser, request control to await your chance to control the robot.  Commentary is live during your visit, though I did not see a way to communicate with the my hosts, so I was never quite sure what I was looking at, unless they happened to call out the robot that was being was driven.  

The exhibit is a result of the IK Prize, an initiative that celebrates innovation in digital communication.  The Workers, this year’s winner for the first edition of the prize aimed to create a one of a kind global experience.  I really like the idea, though the lack of lights in the museum does require a different mindset for viewing the artwork, rather than viewing under optimal light conditions.  If you’re interested act fast, as the exhibit lasts one more night and finishes up on August 17th.

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