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The Beam is top notch. When driving it around at conferences and busy rooms the noise cancelling microphones, allowed me to easily hold a conversation and not straining to hear them over the background noise. The wide angle cameras and sight-lines on the navigation screen kept me aware of what might come into my path, a real bonus when driving around crowded rooms, allowing me to to avoid feet, cables, and trash cans. There was a balloon that I got tangled up with, but otherwise the driving was smooth. It wasn’t jerky like I anticipated, so I often undershot when moving around. I did initially worry about getting hung up or falling over when I was crossing electrical strips, but there was enough ground clearance that I didn’t. PROS: Wide angle camera view, Noise cancelling mic. CONS: Cost can be prohibitive.

Overall I really enjoyed the BeamPro really wish that it was offered at more conferences and events. My travel schedule sometimes needs me to be in two places at once, and I prefer this over many others I’ve controlled.

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