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The Mantarobot Classic has been so helpful to my work. Without needing to call my employer and experience countless hours of 'phone-tag' I can simply log into the robot and 1. see if he is in the office. 2. if he is he can respond to me quickly as if I had physically gone into his office. He often does not wish to answer the phone promptly while working, but if I pop onto the robot he is able to answer and still work (hands free, no need to touch the phone).

While the robot makes sound while moving it is not particularly disruptive, and it is soundless when stationary and audio communication was clear from both ends. My only major disappointment was that I would like a zoom feature. I had to move the robot in closer to see his screen. While I will not list it as a 'con' I think having an 'automatic return to base' would be very convenient so I would not have to drive the robot back to the charging station.

Pros: Affordable for most small business owners (relatively, of course).
Smooth connection and not a large learning curve to get down the controls
Easy to hear and to be heard

Cons: Controls and signing up not as intuitive as it "should" be.
No zoom feature, as far as I could tell.

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