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I run homebound services for a large school district in Texas. We have searched for many different solutions to bring our homebound students into class. We tried most of the roaming telepresence robots and they all just did not work how we hoped. We always ended up needing to have a Bot Buddy to walk alongside if not carry the robot. When we found Kubi, we were like that was exactly what we need. With the first students we tried it out with, they were so happy that it felt like they were in class, that they could interact and participate in class again. The integration with Zoom Video Conferencing is what really sets it apart since that is the tool that we use district wide for all video communications. Kubi is so easy to use with Zoom. By adding on a directional microphone and speaker, the homebound students are able to hear great even when there is group work going on with lots of discussions. And, Kubi is naturally a directional microphone positioner so whoever the remote student is looking at is who they are listening to. The Revolve Staff have been very supportive with questions that we have had and with helping us figure out our unique set-ups.

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