PadBot is alright. Unbeatable price!

Things I like? Looks good, simple app to drive it around, not noisy, light, auto-charge of the tablet.

Things that could be improved? The automatic return to charger feature (usually just tell people to end the call and put it back on the charger manually). A 'quick tips' section at the front of the manual would be brilliant, and also in the app itself. You can send pics through the app and swipe to tilt the camera, but it is hard to find that info.

The padBot, while having some problems like the automatic return to charger feature (gave a 4 for features and reliability just cuz of this), it still works quite well. Far better than I expected. It looks good, not like some of the other annoying appliances I have around my house (*cough-cough-vacuum-cleaner*cough-cough), so it fits in well. It moves smoothly even on low carpet and rugs. I do think the app needs work though to become more intuitive, I didn't know you could swipe the screen to tilt the head of the robot until a month or two after first using it.

I have a nice tablet on it so there have been no problems with friend and family and I hearing each other. Hmm..what else... The steering has lagged from time to time (as in you hit the button and it doesn't turn for a second or two and runs a second or two longer after letting go) but this hasn't caused any problems. The noise is not a problem, which was one of my greater worries, that it would be annoying if someone was driving it around.

So, the million dollar question..Would I recommend it to other people? Yes. Even if you don't use it all the time it is super easy to use and really fun for having family and friends check out the place and have more exciting chats.

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