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Overall, I enjoyed using the PadBot, although it sometimes got laggy, which made controlling it pretty hard (that's why it it gets only 4 stars for Reliability). In order to drive the robot, you need to place an Android or iOS pad on the adjustable stand. Naturally, it’s possible to put the pad upside-down, which is a non-existent problem if you use robots with static head. However, the PadBot has a pretty great feature – you can connect your device to the power source of the robot via a USB port, so that the battery won’t die in the middle of your conversation. Again, this isn’t a problem you would encounter with most of the other robots, but on the other hand, you get to use your personal pad, which saves you money and allows you to choose specific parameters for the camera. PadBot will automatically return to its docking station to charge itself, if its power runs low.

You control the telepresence robot via an app, installed on your pad or phone. It’s not possible to use the PadBot from a computer yet, although Inbot Tech are planning to change that. For the moment, the PadBot works only with Apple and Google products, which wasn't a problem for me, but I guess could be a drawback for some. Moving around was very intuitive and easy, you can also tilt the head of the robot up and down. Steering away from obstacles wasn’t hard either, as you get a visual representation on where an object is, thanks to the multiple sensors. I like that the app allows the user to choose the video clarity and robot speed, as my internet connection is not always great and these options helped me better control the PadBot. Other settings include Collision-Avoidance, USB Smart Charging and Robot Self Charging – you can toggle them on and off. The feature that I liked the most was the “auto-answer account”, that allows you to access the robot without the need of human interaction.

To sum it up, here are the pros and cons of the PadBot:


+ Elegant Design
+ You use your own pad - you get to choose the camera
+ Cheap (because you use your own pad)
+ The software is easy to use
+ Intuitive controll
+ You can choose the video clarity and robot speed (great for a slower internet connection)
+ There're sensors that help you navigate around obstacles
+ Cool features - USB charger for the pad, auto-answer and attachable lens for better view
+ Automatic docking


- You need to buy a pad, if you don't own one
- The app runs only on Android and Apple devices
- You can't controll the PadBot from a computer
- You could place the pad upside-down by accident
- There could be lag
- If the battery of the pad dies, it's impossible to use the PadBot
- You may encounter a language barrier when you reach out to Customer Service

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