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My experience with VGo was pretty great – it’s cheaper than most of the other options on the market, it’s reliable and looks nice. In order to control the VGo, you need to download the VGo app. It runs on most operational systems (Windows, Mac and iOS) and installing it is really easy, especially if you follow the instructions. The variety of movement VGo allows you is simply amazing. You can move around using the arrow keys, as well as the mouse. You can tilt the “head” with both the mouse wheel and the keyboard, removing the need of moving back, in order to see what’s right in front of the robot. The pivoting option allows you to turn sideways and look at the person speaking, which can be a very useful in a discussion.

Another amazing option is the PCEye Go, which allows you to control the VGo only with eyes. You can move relatively fast – if, for example, the robot is in a straight long hall, you enter turbo mode, reaching the full speed of 2 mph. The only weakness of VGo is that the depth perception isn’t that great. However, since the robot is very light (16 to 23 pounds), even if you manage to get it stuck, someone could easily help you out. Thanks to the multiple sensors, it’s impossible to fall down stairs and the design of the body protects it from getting damaged, if you hit a wall.
VGo has some pretty neat features - you can use the text to voice option and increase the volume if the person you’re talking to can’t hear you. You can zoom in and take snapshots – the quality is amazing, thanks to the high-resolution camera and the LED lights. The battery life of VGo is great – the standard pack can last for about 6 hours, but you could get the 12 hour pack, if you need more time. Charging the robot is easy, as when you get close enough (10 ft), you can activate the auto dock option, so there will be no awkward and boring maneuvering!

If you’re a doctor or a nurse, I highly recommend the VGo! The high-resolution camera will allow you to examine and communicte with patiens in distant wings of the hospital, saving you the trip there. However, one of the most popular uses of this robot seems to be in the area of education, as it allows home or hospital-bound children experience school and saves their parents a ton of money on private tutors.

Overall, test driving this robot was great – although setting up the demo took some time (hence the 4 stars for Customer Service), the team was extremely helpful and nice. If you’re looking for a reliable, safe and relatively cheap telepresence robot, the VGo is certainly an option you should consider!

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