Robo Who? or What to Do With Your Old Iphone

Feel like having your own mini-me follow you around, then may I present, RoboMe. This little machine isn’t due out until later in the year, but it did debut at the annual toy fair in New York City. Produced by Wowee, they are making another entry into the telepresence arena. They did have a previous entry called the the Rovio, however that has been discontinued.

The RoboMe is potentially not just another iOS toy. With RoboMe, you are able to create a robot personality, appearance, and voice. But, as with everything else, toys are getting packed with a lot more technology and this little bot will be enabled with facial tracking, voice command recognition, and remote vide control via a separate iPhone or iPod Touch, you can control the robot. Sadly, I’m stuck with Android, so I’ll just wait another year for my toys.

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