Robots, start your processors!

It's finally here!  The culmination of three years of some seriously hard work, the DARPA Robotics Challenge finals.  This weekend in Pomona California, you can live-stream the finals and check out what the future will look like.  Twenty-four teams from around the world are competing for $3.5 Million in prize money. 

Notably missing from the finals is Team Schaft, who after winning the preliminaries in December of 2013, was withdrawn form the competition after Google purchased them back in early 2014.  




Each team has to complete eight tasks including: 

  1. *Drive a vehicle
  2. *Exit the vehicle
  3. *Open a door, enter a building
  4. *Locate and close a valve
  5. *Cut through a wall
  6. *Surprise task!
  7. *Remove rubble or navigate the terrain
  8. *Climb stairs

Did I mention that they have to work untethered from a power source.  While teams will be able to control robots via tele-operation, there will be interference signals created to simulate a real disaster scenario, so all robots will need to have some autonomy. 

Teams have to perform on Friday and Saturday.  To catch up on yesterday's action you can watch Day One below. 

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