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AMY A1 Summary

Do you want to save money and time spent on travel but still have a strong presence at a remote location?  The AMY telepresence robot, from AMY Robotics, is a very helpful (and friendly) telepresence robot.  The AMY A1 provides telepresence, obstacle avoidance, intelligent recharging and many other features.  Speech recognition? Yes!  In fact, the AMY robot can even interact with your speech.  Have a question?  AMY will likely have the answer; all you need to do is to ask her!   The AMY A1 robot even includes autonomous nagivation, autonomous map building, and auto-charging features.  Interested in a telepresence robot that includes face recognition?  Coming soon!  AMY is currently being worked on to provide this feature, so you may be able to see glimpses of the beta stage of the process. 

How can the AMY A1 help me?  Send messages to family members and others if you are at a remote location or have your hands full, busy with dinner.  The AMY will do most anything but scramble your eggs and butter your toast, but the AMY will do what it can.  Need some guidance in the kitchen?  Keep your hands free and ask AMY for the recipe; it will appear on the 10.1" screen.  

With AMY's Home Automation (currently only available for customers located in China) features you can monitor the environment inside, setup security control, connect to home appliances; raise or lower the temperature of the thermastat, turn off the lights or the television, and more.  AMY will even remind you when you have an upcoming event or meeting to attend, or a favorite radio program to listen to. 

The AMY robot enables you to have a spur of the moment video chat with family members half-way around the world, or drop-in on your co-workers at the office if you want to work from home on a sunny afternoon.  AMY is supplied with a built-in HD (720p) wide-angle camera and loudspeaker so you can see and be heard in most any environment.

For use in hospitals and other medical environments, the AMY can be customized to integrate with medical applications and with ultrasound and other medical devices. 

How do I connect to the AMY Robots? The AMY telepresence robots can be controlled via the AMY Robotics app, which is downloadable from the Google Play and Apple Stores.  Currently, they cannot be controlled using a PC (desktop or laptop). 

Would you like to see more of what the AMY telepresence robot can do?  Check out the AMY A1 videos on our site and watch the AMY telepresence robot help serve people in new and exciting ways!





Tablet Auto-Charged
Crash Avoidance
Yes: Infra-red and Ultrasonic Sensors.
Network Connectivity
Charge Time
5-6 hours
Top Speed
0.6 m/s (About 2 ft/sec.)
110 cm (about 43.3 inches)
AMY A1: Optional
Unique Features
Interactive Speech. Autonomous navigation features.
Run Time
4 hours with continual use. 6-8 hrs with normal usage.
Video Resolution
720p HD
AMY Robotics
Bandwidth Required
4 Mbps recommended minimum
Yes: 1 year warranty.
Docking Station

Features and Warranty

Autonomous Navigation

10.1" Screen (Built-in)

Shipping Time: The AMY should arrive approximately 10-14 business days after payment.

Warranty: 12 months guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship.* 

Returns: Must be conducted through manufacturer. Customer pays freight.

Charging Dock: Optional

Power Supply: 100v - 220v

Speech Recognition

Face Recognition (Coming Soon!)

Home Automation (Currently for Chinese Customers Only)

720p HD Camera (Wide-Angle)

Crash Avoidance: Infra-red and Ultrasound sensors are used when robot is using the autonomous driving feature.

Intelligent Assistance: Important Reminders, Messages, Web browsing by voice

Entertainment Access: Connect a projector and speakers to watch movies and play your favorite games!

Included Software: Web-Conferencing, Media Streamer, Remote Robot Controller, Health Management, Home Appliance Control System (currently only available for customers located in China).

Amy A1 Robot Dimensions: 110x45x43 cm

Shipping Box Size: 119x57x54 cm and 18 Kg (slightly under 40 lbs).

Box includes the AMY A1 robot, instruction manual, and power cord.

Amy A1 Weight: 15kg (about 33 lbs.)

Amy A1 Material: ABS, PC, Aluminum Alloy

*Warranty length can be increased if multiple AMY A1 robots are purchased.

AMY A1 Images

AMY A1 telepresence robot main image with clear background.
AMY A1 telepresence robot with reflective floor
AMY telepresence robot view of from above featuring the head of the robot.
Amy Robotics' Amy A1 image of robots body.
Image of AMY A1 telepresence robot's base and wheels.
AMY Robotics' Amy A1 or Y1 base from the front and side angle.
AMY A1 or Y1 robot front view
AMY A1 robot near stairway of luxurious house.
AMY robot control app view while looking at the ceiling

AMY A1 Videos

The AMY robot does everything from helping cook dinner to facilitating business meetings and private schooling sessions!
This video shows the AMY A1 or AMY M1 being used in a hospital environment. The AMY can even be customized to integrate with medical applications and with ultrasound and other medical devices.
AMY A1 telepresence robot main image with clear background.
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