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Ava 500 Summary

Are you looking to save money on travel and have greater flexibility in your work?

CEOs and other business executives are saving thousands of dollars each year by employing the Ava 500 business telepresence robot.

The Ava 500 provides a more commanding presence when you are unable to attend a remote conference, meeting, or lecture, or to meet with workers at a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or training facility.  Telepresence enables you to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours per year that would otherwise be spent on flights, hotels, and related travel expenses.

The Ava 500 robot has been highlighted as a "video collaboration robot" which can enable corporations to have a greater presence in and at manufacturing plants, warehouses, corporate training and management events, and any other remote locations.  Some of the more common applications include: remote training, presentations, or technical support, where an expert can be on location in seconds; tours and inspections of business facitilies, labs, museums, and so on. 

Executives can benefit greatly from the Ava 500 through its ability to provide users freedom of movement and a virtual (remote) presence.  As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, whether employers wish to inspect a manufacturing plant or warehouse, participate in corporate training, inspect labs or other rooms, or merely interact with employees, the Ava 500 enables them to efficiently engage and control what is seen without the need for spending time and money on travelling to the remote location and related costs.

Additionally, the Ava 500 includes Obstacle Detection and Obstacle Avoidance capabilities. A laser, 3D imaging, and sonar technologies help the robot navigate autonomously throughout business environments without bumping into anything; users simply take advantage of the advanced mapping feature, select their destination, and the Ava 500 will connect with the user upon its arrival.  The Ava 500 also includes the ability to lower or raise the screen, which allows people at the Ava robot's location to more comfortably engage with the remote user (the person operating the robot) while either standing or sitting.


About 65.6" (166.4 cm)
Charge Time
Top Speed
1 meter/second
Bandwidth Required
6 Mbps
Unique Features
Autonomous Navigation, Scheduling Capabilities
Docking Station
Run Time
Up to 6 hours
Crash Avoidance
Yes. ODOA (Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Capabilities)
Ava Robotics (subsidiary of iRobot)
Network Connectivity
WiFi 802.11/a/g/n, Video collaboration via SIP or H.323
Video Resolution
1920 x 1080 (16:9)
Tablet Auto-Charged

Features and Warranty

Autonomous navigation.: Includes mapping and pre-programmed destinations.

Ava 500 Monitor: 21.5" LCD.

Virtual Travel: Allows user to select a location and the Ava 500 takes them there.

iPad and iPhone application for remote user control and scheduling.

Enterprise HD Video and Audio Conferencing: 1080p30 and 720p60 with Auto-focus via Cisco TelePresence EX60.

Automated height and camera adjustment via iPad application.

Integrated wireless via embedded Cisco Aironet 1600 wireless access point.

Ava 500 Cloud Service: Offers management and scheduling features which enable users to create user profiles, track resource pool of robots, monitor robot health, view reports on errors, and current battery condition.

Ava 500 Weight: Approximately 186 lbs. (84.4 kg).

Ava 500 Dimensions: Width and Length: 22.6" (57.5 cm). Height: Maximum 65.6" (166.4 cm).

Ava 500 Images

Ava video collaboration robot pic
Ava Robotics Ava 500 video collaboration robot main image with no background.
Ava Robotics' Ava 500 telepresence robot with white background
Ava Robotics' Ava 500 business robot being used in an office.
Ava Robotics telepresence robot, the Ava 500, in a manufacturing plant.
Ava Robotics' Ava 500 robot in an office.
Ava Robotics' Ava 500 roaming the corridors of an office building
Ava Robotics' Ava 500 robot next to a businessman
Ava 500 in an office alongside a man of similar height to the robot
Ava 500 robot in an office environment.
Ava500 telepresence robot with iRobot logo on it's screen and clear background
iRobot Ava 500 telepresence robot being interacted with by a businessman with clear background
iRobot Ava 500 robot in a conference room.

Ava 500 Videos

Here is a five-minute Ava 500 video illustrating several of the applications for the robot.
CEOs and other business executives are using the Ava 500 to save thousands of dollars while providing them a more commanding presence when communicating at remote locations. This video shows the Ava 500 in use in a corporate environment.
iRobot's Co-Founder describes the benefits and uses of the Ava 500, and business leaders tell how the Ava 500 gives them a more commanding, physical presence while at remote locations.
In this video, executives from Cisco and iRobot explain how they have collaborated on the Ava 500. The Ava 500 offers great flexibility and helps create a compelling yet efficient communication platform, allowing businesses to save thousands on travel. The Ava 500 has autonomous mobility and mapping features, and its screen can be conveniently lowered or raised to suit the appropriate scenario.
Witness the Ava 500 video collaboration robot as it is used to engage with people at a robotics trade show.
Ava 500 corporate telepresence robot main image with clear background.
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Remote user can raise and lower the screen!
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