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Ava Robotics Announces New Video Collaboration Solution to Increase Productivity and Eliminate Physical Boundaries will surely transform remote work and site visits.

- Ava transforms the experience of remote collaboration by combining autonomous mobility with high definition video conferencing, enabling users to easily and safely move around a distant location, as if they were physically there. With Ava, productivity is increased, more collaboration takes place and meaningful relationships can be built and maintained, even for team members that are remote.

- Ava allows remote workers to use video to see and be seen while collaborating in environments that would otherwise be difficult or impossible from afar, including event spaces, manufacturing floors, and office hallways.

- Ava integrates with Cisco Spark, bringing this new capability into a complete collaboration suite that allows customers to extend Ava to the entire enterprise, and leverage existing investments in collaboration.

- “Ava was born from the realization that true connections and trust do not get formed around the conference table, rather during one-on-ones and through everyday work experiences," said Youssef Saleh, Ava Robotics CEO. "We’ve drawn upon iRobot’s 27-year history in robotics innovation to deliver what we call ‘practical teleportation’, and we are pleased to be part of the Cisco ecosystem in bringing this solution to enterprise customers.”

- “Mobile video collaboration solutions such as Ava can have a dramatic impact on improving productivity and collaboration in a geographically diverse global enterprise,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. "Leveraging a deep technical heritage from iRobot and the strong partnership with Cisco, Ava Robotics is uniquely suited to create an enterprise-grade robotic solution that will deliver on the promise of practical teleportation.”

- Features and applications:

Ava is ideal when freedom of movement and physical presence are needed to achieve an even more personal degree of remote collaboration. Features and applications include:

  • Video conferencing: High definition video and audio, end-to-end security for the enterprise, and integrated Cisco Spark video applications.

  • Immersive experience: As they would if they were physically there, Ava users have the ability to look around, move, and sit or stand. Ava’s multiple high definition cameras allow for an experience where the user is actually placed in the remote space.

  • Mapping: Ava can map its own environment and then use its AI to safely navigate. There is no need to drive the robot or to understand the remote location's layout. When users are done teleporting, Ava returns to its charging station.

  • Mobility: Using the Ava Robotics App available for Apple iOS and Web browsers, users are able to move about a room and participate in side discussions.



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Autonomous Navigation, Screen's Height Controlled by Remote User

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