BotEyes - Pad

Visit your office, clinic, or home while away; but keep a strong presence!



BotEyes - Pad Summary

The BotEyes - Pad is a telepresence robot requiring you to supply your own tablet or smartphone, which you will attach to the robot to act as it's eyes, ears, and mouth, the tablet can tilt a total of 120 degrees to provide plenty of vision below or above the actual height of the robot.  Any tablet or smartphone 4"-11" can be attached to the BotEyes, whether it has an Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows operating system.   You can use any video conferencing app for the video communication. A few options include: Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook's Messenger app, Google Duo, Line, FaceTime, and more.  

For PC users, you can use any web browser to control the BotEyes robot, and you can navigate, simply, by using either the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse.  

At it's location, the BotEyes acts as your 'double' in that it is a physical (not exact, of course) representation of you.  You see and hear most of what you would see and hear as if you were there in person, as you can drive the robot around and look at whatever you wish to look, with the ability to control the speed of the robot  Using the tablets speakers and microphone you interact with people who are at the robots location.  

- Save money and hassle on travel

- Visit friends and loved ones more often, and in an instant

- Check in on pets or your home to make sure all is in order

- Work from home while still maintaining a strong presence in the office

- Check out the layouts of a distant warehouse or view a product without needing to be there in person

- Monitor outpatients at their homes, or perform rounds at your hospital from your home office or elsewhere

- Any instance where you wish to be at a remote location in an instance, but still have control over what you see and hear



Network Connectivity
WiFi and 4G, 5G (depends on tablet used)
Top Speed
Yes. 1 year tech support and parts.
Tablet Auto-Charged
Docking Station
Crash Avoidance
110cm (About 3'6")
Bandwidth Required
4 MBps
Charge Time
6 hours
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Run Time
Appr. 10 hours
Unique Features
Tilt. Can use any tablet, and can multi-browser support for control.

Features and Warranty

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Footprint: 41" X 14.5" X 11" (105 x 28 x 37cm)

Weight: Appr. 23 lbs.

Box Dimensions: 22" X 12" X 8.2" (56cm X 31cm X 21cm).

Box Weight:  25 lbs.

Tilt-able camera

Current Battery power can be seen in browser.

OS compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows for smartphone, tablet, and computer.

User-friendly Dashboard.

BotEyes Return Policy: 14-day money-back guarantee from purchase date (customer pays return shipping).

BotEyes Warranty and Tech Support: Manufacturer provides tech support and will pay shipping to replace any non-working parts within 12 months from date of purchase. 

BotEyes Images

BotEyes - pad main image with clear background
BotEyes telepresence robot control app shown on smartphone
BotEyes Pad image showing the tablet aligned horizontally.
BotEyes office robot shown interacting with a woman at a desk
BotEyes control app featured on a picture of a phone being held up.
BotEyes Pad telepresence robot shown in a room, engaging with a woman.
BotEyes - Pad using a smartphone instead of a tablet.
BotEyes - Tablet featuring how a tablet or pad will look while attached to the robot.
BotEyes telepresence robots featuring multiple sized tablets.
BotEyes Pad telepresence robot shown inside an office.

BotEyes Videos

The BotEyes - Pad lets you visit your business, family, hospital, or anywhere you wish by controlling a telepresence robot from wherever you are. Log in from your device, and start driving the BotEyes around where the BotEyes acts as your eyes and ears and mouth. Retain a strong and engaged presence from afar!
Telepresence robots are a great option for telecommuters and anyone who wants to have a remote presence while away on business or pleasure. Log in and drive around wherever you need to be when you can't be there. Easy, simple, fast. Save money and skip travel!
Check in on your Home and Family from Anywhere at Anytime using the BotEyes Pad telepresence robot. The BotEyes lets you choose which video conferencing platform you like most to integrate with the mobility of the BotEyes.
BotEyes - Pad telepresence robot main image with clear background.
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Ships from Russia. Delivered in about 10 days.

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