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Double Summary

The Double 2 robot is now available!  Double Robotics has discontinued production of their original Double robot and is now producing the Double 2, exclusively. Click here or the link above to see the new Double 2 robot.

Double Robotics' telepresence robot, the Double, is a sleek and elegant machine. The two-wheel rolling base uses a balancing algorithm to stay upright while moving around. Dual kickstands, in both the front and rear are automatically deployed when no movement is required. The estimated run time is 8 hours, with a 2 hour recharge time to full capacity. Drivers can take advantage of the adjustable height function to raise or lower the iPad from 47" - 60" tall allowing them to easily maintain eye contact.

The Double robot is controlled using the OpenTok app, featuring an intuitive user interface and encrypted video to ensure privacy and security. Presently, only 2nd generation or later iPad's can be used as they have an integrated camera. Double Robotics recommends use of the iPad Air or iPad Air 2.

As with many telepresence robots, you do not actually need to purchase a Double robot in order to use one. If you own an iPad you can take advantage of museums, galleries, or universities that have purchased the Double and take it for a spin when you are unable to visit the site in person. The Double telepresence robot has been used in universities, businesses, and homes, as well as in the field of telemedicine, helping doctors visit patients from afar whether after a long day of surgery or more casual checkup.

Double Robotics allows operation of the Double using an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or a Google Chrome web browser. While the Double's web application is optimized for Chrome, it can also work on Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Unique Features
The Double automatically charges its iPad, Wide-Angle Viewing Lens
30-day Money Back Guarantee and 1 year warranty
Bandwidth Required
1 Mbps up/down
Top Speed
1 mph
Charge Time
2 hours
Docking Station
Tablet Auto-Charged
Network Connectivity
WiFi or 4G/LTE
47-60" (119-150 cm)
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Double Robotics
Run Time
6-8 hours
Crash Avoidance

Features and Warranty

Double Weight: Approximately 15 lbs. (including the weight of an iPad).

Double Footprint: 9" by 10".

The Double robot currently only supports iOS (Apple operating systems) devices on the robot (Not included): iPad 2, 3, 4, or Air (iPad Air Spacer needed).

The Double can be driven from anywhere using a Mac, PC/Windows, iPad, or iPhone. PCs require Google Chrome.

Double Robotics recommends the iPad Air 2 for use with The Double.

Resolution of the video received from The Double depends on the resolution of the camera on the tablet device.

Includes a downward facing camera to help navigate in tight spaces.

Both the Ipad 4 and Ipad Air have 720p HD capabilities.

Similar to laptops, the Double uses a lithium-ion battery. Be sure to charge your Ipad before use to ensure optimum battery life for The Double.

Warranty: Double Robotics covers all repair and shipping costs due to any manufacturing defects outside of normal usage and abuse.

Double Images

Double Robotics Double robot main image.
Double telepresence robot headshot with audio kit.
Double Robotics' Double telepresence robot picture with optional charging dock
Double Robotics' Double robot docking station image.
Double Robotics Double robot base image.
Double Robotics' Double robot being used in a business environment
Double Robotics Double base image.
Double Robotics Double telepresence robot view displayed on a tablet
The Double robot from Double Robotics being used in an office.
Double Robotics Double robot headshot inside office building.
Double telepresence robot base image on hardwood floor.
Double Robotics Double interacting with man in office.
Double telepresence robot moving through office hallway.
Double Robotics Double front view while docked.
Double Robotics Double side view while docked.
Double Robotics remote presence robots side images.
Side view of The Double robot with specifications shown.
Double Robotics' accessories for the Double robot.
Double Robotics' Double audio kit image separate from the Double robot.
The Double telepresence robot pictured from the back and front.

Double Videos

This 80-second video from Double Robotics shows people controlling the Double; giving them a remote presence at factories, museums, and homes while in the comfort of their own living room.
Overview of the Double telepresence robot in which common questions about the Double are answered. Describes the main features of the Double, such as the kickstands, wide-angle lens, battery, and encryption for security. The video also explains how to operate the Double.
Dr. Robert Lancey describes how he has used the Double robot at the Bon Secours Heart and Vascular Institute. He remarks that the Double provides the ability to connect with his patients whenever he wishes; which is especially convenient for monitoring his post-operative patients.
Instructional video about how to unpack and set up the Double robot. Includes instructions for how to connect the iPad being used with the Double itself via bluetooth.
Case study video of the Double robot's use in the Kodiak Island School District, located in rural Alaska, U.S.A. The Double has allowed principals and educational trainers to interact with students and teachers without needing to fly to the rural schools.
Here is a short video with driving instructions for the Double telepresence robot.
DISCONTINUED: The Double 3 is now available.
8000+ sold!

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