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SelfieBot Summary

Have you ever wanted to take a video of yourself without the limitations imposed by the length of your arm and the dexterity of your fingers?  The SelfieBot allows you to take videos of yourself without the need to use your hands (aside from pushing a button of course)!

The SelfieBot is a stationary telepresence robot manufactured by Endurance. The SelfieBot screen has the capability of functioning autonomously (hands-free) while still being able to capture video and sound using the camera, microphone, and speakers on the attached device (not included).

The Endurance SelfieBot includes the "Follow Me" feature; a function which enables the robot to follow movement during video calls or video recording. This provides the capability for such things as hands-free watching of movies while cooking, creating a personal video for others without need of a cameraman, and for keeping an eye out on your children if you are in another room.

For business users, the "Follow Me" feature enables businesses to use the SelfieBot as an effective marketing tool by displaying a photo or video advertisement on the device's screen. The SelfieBot will display the advertisement while also tracking the movement of the nearest customer, allowing for the greatest possibility of the screen to be viewed.

The SelfieBot will hold 5-10" smartphones and tablets (not included) and provides for the attachment of cameras such as the GoPro. Presently the SelfieBot does not allow for operation via iOS products but Endurance plans to add this functionality in the very near future.


Docking Station
Network Connectivity
WiFi, 4G
Unique Features
Follow Me, Wireless Charging, Night Vision
Run Time
6 hours
Tablet Auto-Charged
Top Speed
Bandwidth Required
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Crash Avoidance
Approximately 8"
Stationary Telepresence
Charge Time
2-3 hours

Features and Warranty

SelfieBot Weight: About 2 pounds.

Follow Me Feature: Enables the robot to follow movement.

Infrared Night Vision.

Wireless charging of mobile device.

The SelfieBot will hold iOS, Android, and Windows phones or tablets.

Endurance plans to add iOS functionality for the SelfieBot in the near future.

Rotates approximately 180 degrees vertically and horizontally.

The SelfieBot connects to the device via Bluetooth.

Hands-free video recording.

Ability to take time-lapse pictures.

Motion detection capability.

Facial recognition and tracking.

SelfieBot Images

Endurance SelfieBot main image.
Endurance Robots' SelfieBot facing forward and to the right of the viewer.
Endurance SelfieBot telepresence robot side view.
Endurance SelfieBot remote presence robot rear view with clear background.
SelfieBot virtual presence robot pictured with a clear background.
Endurance SelfieBot telepresence robot image with clear background.
Hand holding an Android phone that is displaying the view of the SelfieBot robot.

SelfieBot Videos

Here is a SelfieBot video which shows how you can use the robot in an elementary school classroom. The narrator explains how the SelfieBot can help teachers and coaches record their lessons automatically with the SelfieBot's facial tracking and "Follow Me" features.
Do you like to star in your own videos? Or perhaps you are a video-blogger or a coach or trainer that records sessions? Here is a video of the Endurance SelfieBot, a stationary telepresence robot, being used to self-cast. You can use the SelfieBot to record yourself automatically. The robot will track your face and follow you as you move; enabling you to have freedom of movement in your videos without the need for a second cameraman or the need to remain in one place.
A one-minute video highlighting some of the SelfieBot's features such as wireless charging, a "Follow Me" function, an external power bank, and hands-free video calling.
A short video focusing on how the SelfieBot can be used in both homes and businesses to make more robust video calls.
In this video the stationary, SelfieBot robot is being used at a reception desk, in a home, and at conferences. The video also highlights the SelfieBot's ability to make hands-free videos.
SelfieBot image from Endurance Robotics with clear background.
Exciting Stationary Telepresence Robot!
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