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FURo-i Home Summary

Interested in a telepresence robot which allows you to easily visit friends and family or coworkers at the drop of a hat?  How about a telepresence robot which helps provides security for your home?

The FURo-i Smart Home Robot is a telepresence robot for general consumers which enables them to have a remote presence which can be used to visit friends and family instantly, check in on elderly family members or friends, or even just "drop-in" to see how the pets are keeping.  Korean manufacturer, FutureRobot, has created several different applications for the FURo-i. They title these applications as Home View, Family Chat, Family Planner, and Home Control.

Home View: Cruise around your house, business, or the home of your family or friends by using your own smartphone or tablet.  Simply click on arrows that are on the screen to control the robot, tilt its head, and view what you want to see.  Virtually play with your grandchildren, cousins, nephews or nieces, follow pets, or simply explore the remote location.

Family Chat: Ever wished video applications like Skype were more robust?  Have you disliked the static element; being limited to one view unless someone moves the camera around?  This feature, common to all telepresence robots, lets you decide what you want to see and when, and lets you move where you want to move.  Have a friend from off-screen chatting at you?  Turn the robot in the appropriate direction and, if desired, move nearer to better engage in communication.  A businessman on break in his office can log-in to the FURo-i located at his home using his smartphone or tablet, and can drive the robot around to visit his wife and children at any time. No need to set an appointment; you can 'walk' up to members of your family just like you would if you were there in person. 

Family Planner: The FURo Planner mode helps you to set up and stick to your daily schedules. You can manage appointments and set up alarms and reminders for the various tasks you need to complete throughout the day.  The application features unique logos for different tasks to help make the experience even more efficient and enjoyable.  You can view an image depicting the FURo Planner feature below. 

Home Control: The FURo Auto Home feature is a very unique feature provided by the FURo-i robot. You can use your smartphone to operate household appliances and devices when you are not at home.  Did you run off to work and neglect to turn off the kitchen lights, the CD player or television?  You can securely connect to your FURo-i and manage these devices remotely.  Turn off the lights, turn off the music, turn off the television.  You can can even lower the temperature, check the humidity in your home, and see if doors or windows are open.  Naturally, this feature requires compatible devices.

An additional feature provided by FutureRobot is the FURo-iHOME Security feature. This feature helps to provide additional security for your home by using the FURo-i's Security function while you are asleep or away.  The FURo-i can detect sound and movement and help alert you to possible tresspassers.

Feel free to view the FURo-i videos and images, and the "Specifications" and "Features" sections below for more details.



Tablet Auto-Charged
Docking Station
Unique Features
Ability to Control Household Appliances, Security Monitoring
Network Connectivity
Crash Avoidance
Top Speed
Approximately 1 foot/sec (30cm)
Bandwidth Required
Video Resolution
720p or 1080p
Charge Time
2 hours
Run Time
8 hours

Features and Warranty

Adjustable and Detachable mount.

Bumper which keeps the FURo-i from scratching furniture if bumped against.

Built-in speakers.

6 sensors to help control home appliances.

FURo-i dimensions: Approximately 12x12x12" (29cm).

Android Tablet Included.

Security Detection and Alerts

FURo-i Home Images

Future Robot's FURo-i smart home robot main image.
FutureRobot's FURo-i robot pictured with robot face on the screen.
Picture of the FURo-i robot alongside the alternative version, which features a security camera instead of a monitor.
FURo-i pictured between a security camera and image of a trespasser.
Future Robot's FURo-i Home Control screenshot showing features such as temperature and light control.
Image showing screenshot and an example of FURo-i's scheduling and planning features.
Future Robot image showing FURo-i robot family chat feature.
Image for the FURo-i robot depicting trespasser and security alert feature.
FutureRobot's FURo-i telepresence robot with a small heart attached to the upper-right of the robot.

FURo-i Home Videos

FutureRobot's FURo-i Home robot promotional video. You can see the robot being controlled via a smart phone using touch and voice. The FURo-i is also seen moving around a living room and being used to interact with children.

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