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Vita Summary

Are you in the medical profession and seeking ways to cut your costs while increasing the quality of service you can offer to your patients and their families?  

Those are just two areas in which a telepresence robot can help your hospital, clinic, or office. A teleprence robot helps facilite specialist visits instantly, irrespective of location.  Telepresence robots provide a safer way for patients to be visited by family members without exposing them to additional dangers.  They provide a simple way for doctors to conduct rounds.  They provide an effective way for specialists to help in emergency situations in lieu of spending time driving to the hospital or medical clinic.  

The Vita medical telepresence robot, fits each of those scenarios, and features FDA clearance on top of its highly advanced solutions for telemedicine and telehealth.*

The InTouch Vita, also known as the RP-Vita, is a remote presence robot developed by iRobot and InTouch Health, and is assisting medical professionals in the exchange of information in healthcare environments and enhanced service to patients.  Already being used in several hospitals, the Vita robot is helping to revolutionize the healthcare industry by allowing medical staff to monitor and advise patients from remote locations.  

In addition to letting specialists advise colleagues and engage with patients and doctors and nurses, the RP-Vita can be used to access recorded information via data ports and can be connected to ultrasound imaging machines, digital stethoscopes, and more.  The Vita can transmit information to doctors from almost any type of medical device that has USB connectivity.

The unit has a simple-to-use iPad interface; and its automatic docking function ensures that it stays charged in case of emergencies. The Vita is equipped with automated navigation functions to allow for easy mobility and safe travel without needing user guidance. This makes it suitable for retrieving information from various patients autonomously. Capable of retaining and processing enormous amounts of information, the Vita will facilitate doctors with data storage and retrieval, and assist medical professionals with assessing and recording information. Additionally, it uses the cloud-based SureConnect, which helps to maintain a reliable network connection. 

The InTouch Vita robot has FDA and HIPAA compliance and is approved for active patient monitoring, which should help its use in the medical environment to be more readily accepted. One of the major uses of the Vita is to monitor stroke victims from distant hospitals. With its iPad or PC interface, doctors can navigate the robot to the patient's bedside with the push of a button. The Vita will autonomously navigate all potential obstacles within its environment. While such high-end performance is not uncommon in the telepresence robots industry, the RP Vita is extraordinary in that it has the ability to capture, record, and monitor physiological data. Adding these capabilities to telepresence makes the Vita an incredibly powerful and useful tool for professionals in the telehealth and telemedicine industries, enabling them to provide enhance assistance to other professionals and, ultimately, more effective and immediate care to their patients. 

*"Telemedicine" typically refers to clinical services that are offered from a remote location (telepresence) by doctors or other healthcare professionals.  The term "telehealth" typically covers a broader scope of services offered via a remote presence.  Telehealth often encompasses both clinical services and non-clinical services.  Non-clinical services may include such tasks as meetings, training sessions, remote lectures, remote family visits, and similar usage.


Tablet Auto-Charged
Yes. Built-in Monitor
Network Connectivity
Charge Time
Run Time
InTouch Health
Bandwidth Required
Video Resolution
Docking Station
5' 6" (168 cm)
Unique Features
Active Patient Monitoring, Autonomous Navigation, Telemedicine Features
Top Speed
Crash Avoidance

Features and Warranty

RP-Vita Height: 5' 6" tall (approximately 168 cm).

Clinical Data Integration.

Supports access to ultrasound, vital signs, and devices such as electronic stethoscopes.

AutoDrive Navigation Capabilities.

Voice and Facial Recognition.

ControlStation App for iPad.


The RP-Vita has FDA Clearance and is HIPAA Compliant

Built-in Mapping

Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Technology

Scheduling and Monitoring

Scalable and Upgradeable

Weight: Appr. 175 lbs.

Vita Images

VITA medical telepresence robot main image.
InTouch Health Vita telepresence robot in hospital near a nurses' station.
InTouch Health RP Vita in hospital with blurred images of people to indicate motion
InTouch Health VITA Telemedicine robot in a hospital room next to a patient in bed
InTouch RP Vita Telehealth robot alongside a nurse and a patient
RP-Vita medical telepresence robot full image along with a picture of its monitor
RP-Vita control screens being used by the remote physician.
Image of the Vita being controlled by a person using a tablet
InTouch Health's Vita robot in a hallway moving alongside a patients rolling bed
The Vita medical telepresence robot beside a hospital bed with a nurse alongside.
Image of Vita robot smartphone control.
Vita hospital telepresence robot being operated via a laptop computer.

Vita Videos

An InTouch Vita medical telepresence robot video.
InTouch Vita telemedicine robot video.
Video of the Vita hospital telepresence robot.
Vita medical telepresence robot video.
Vita robot video.

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