Classic 2

"A Highly Flexible Robot that Works with Skype"


MantaroBot: Classic 2 Robot Summary

The Classic 2 has been discontinued.  MantaroBot is focusing their efforts on the TeleMe 2 telepresence robot.  Click here to view the TeleMe 2!

The MantaroBot Classic 2 telepresence robot is essentially designed for Skype conferencing, but can be used with other applications such as Microsoft Lync and applications that require HIPAA compliance. The Classic 2 robot allows the user to interact with people and their environment through Skype and experience more interactive communication. The Classic 2 uses an HD pan/tilt camera, a microphone, speakers, and a 16” LCD display. Through a wireless connection, the telepresence robot can be moved around the room in order to observe other meeting participants and presentations; providing the user a virtual presence.

The Classic 2 robot can be operated via Android devices by downloading the MantaraBot Controller for Android app from the Google Play store and via personal computers using one of three modes; two of which are free of charge. The two free options include an app (titled "Web RTC") that plugs into Skype or a direct socket connection.  Alternatively, users my use the MantaroBot Communications Service for a monthly fee.

Any user who has internet access is able to control the MantaroBot Classic 2. Onsite personnel do not need to supervise the Classic 2 robot while in operation. The only action required is to initially power-up the system. When a Skype connection is established, the user is able to control the MantaroBot through the use of the MantaroBot Controller software. This allows the user to control the pan/tilt camera, the motorized mast, the movement and the laser pointer. Since this is a software control system, it means that the user doesn't require any specialized joysticks or controllers, but can use one if they choose. It is merely controlled via a pc through the internet connection. The Classic 2 robot uses infrared obstacle detection which allows the user to confidently move the robot around a room without concern of crashing. Onsite users can interact easily with the Classic 2 as the developers, MantaroBot, have added a near-silent driving mechanism to the robot, which enables even more clear communication than users had with its predecessor, the first Mantarobot Classic robot.


Charge Time
Video Resolution
720p HD Widescreen (depends on link quality)
Crash Avoidance
Yes. Infrared Controller Feedback
Run Time
4 hours
Network Connectivity
WiFi or Data
Optional Support Plan
Docking Station
Unique Features
Touch screen, Remote user can play audio/video files on robot, Optional laser pointer
Tablet Auto-Charged
Top Speed
1.5 mph
Bandwidth Required

Features and Warranty

Classic 2 Monitor: 16” LCD monitor.

MantaroBot Controller for Android: Downloadable (Free) from the Google Play store.


The Classic 2 can take high-resolution snapshots.

HD Camera with pan/tilt.

Remote user can play audio and video files which are on the robot.


Current touchscreen options: Dell XPS 18 Touch, HP Omni 10 Tablet.

Intuitive Windows / Mac / Web-based controller application.

Software Requirements: Modern web-browser for web-based MantaroBot TeleGo Controller.

Windows XP, 7, 8, Mac OS 10.7 or greater needed for the free MantaraBot Controller App.

The Classic 2 has the ability to work in closed enterprise networks.

Security scanning mode and optional security guard application.

MantaroBot offers an optional motorized mast, docking station, and extended battery, and other features upon request.

MantaroBot: Classic 2 Robot Images

Mantarobot Classic 2 robot main image
Mantarobot Classic 2's optional laser pointer with an imaginary laser
Classic 2 telepresence robot from MantaroBot: full view
Mantarobot screenshot of the controller app and view seen by the Classic 2 robot
MantaroBot controller, the TeleGo app, is pictured
MantaroBot telepresence robot controller app for Android's view of a room

Mantarobot: Classic 2 Robot Videos

Classic 2 telepresence robot picture from MantaroBot.

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