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TableTop TeleMe Summary

Do you want to get telepresence capability for your home or office without the worry of losing the connection during the call?  Or perhaps you are more worried that you may too easily crash into an infant or run over a stray cat?  If you have either of these concerns, the TableTop TeleMe telepresence robot may work well for you!  Just set the TeleMe in an area covered by strong WiFi and you will have no worries.

The MantaroBot TableTop TeleMe can be set on any level surface and used as a stationary telepresence robot. Remote users can log into the TableTop TeleMe robot via the MantaroBot control application and an audio/video-conferencing app such as Skype, FaceTime, Vidyo, or Google Hangouts, and view all of the robot's surroundings as if they were there in person. The base of the robot includes powered speakers and a microphone that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth.

The TableTop TeleMe's view can be controlled by the remote user which provides more efficient and enhanced participation and communication. Remote users are able to log in to the TableTop TeleMe robot via a PC, Mac, or most any other device with a modern web-browser and a network connection. While viewing the remote location the user can control the telepresence robot's view through a downloaded control application that communicates with the TableTop TeleMe through a direct socket, MantaroBot Communications Service (a cloud-based service where an additional fee may be required), or a WebRTC connection. The remote user may choose to use MantaroBot's web-based controller, the MantaroBot TeleGo. Additionally, MantaroBot has a Controller for Android so both Android Phones and Tablets can be used to drive their telepresence robots.

Aside from turning on the robot, the TableTop TeleMe requires no local supervision. Settings in many video-conferencing apps allow remote users to log in directly to the application and start receiving video images, so there does not need to be a person at the robot's location that must log in to Skype. This "auto-response" feature makes viewing something remotely far more convenient for remote users unavailable to travel to a location. Remote users can participate in business meetings, visit or check-in on family members, view distant warehouses, or attend gatherings thousands of miles away.


Crash Avoidance
Network Connectivity
WiFi or 4G
Unique Features
360 Automatic Video Capture
Bandwidth Required
1 Mbps minimum
Run Time
4 hours
Charge Time
5 hours.
Yes. 1-year: Physical Damage Not Covered.
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Docking Station
Stationary Telepresence
Tablet Auto-Charged
Top Speed

Features and Warranty

TableTop TeleMe Weight of Base: Approximately 2 lbs.

TableTop TeleMe Dimensions of Base: 10" long, 7" wide, 4" high.

MantaroBot TeleGo Controller Requirements: Modern web-browser.

MantaroBot Controller Application Requirements: Windows XP, 7, or higher.

MantaroBot Controller for Android phones and tablets available on Google Play.

Available Holders Include: iPad 2nd generation and up, Air, Air 2, Samsung Galaxy TAB, TAB2, TAB3, TAB4 10.1, TAB S 10.5, iPhone 4 and 4s. Others are available upon request.

Tilt: +85 / -45 degrees tilt.

Pan: Full 360 degree view (+/- 180 degrees).

Android tablets connect to the TableTop TeleMe through Bluetooth.

Non-Android tablets can be connected with optional WiFi/Ethernet added to the base.

Optional floor base and 30" mast extension for freestanding applications.

Optional 4-hour internal battery (typical use).

Optional factory-installed laser pointer: Red laser pointer that can be turned on and off from the controller app.

TableTop TeleMe Images

TableTop TeleMe robot image with clear background
Image of the MantaroBot TableTop TeleMe Control User Interface
Screenshot of the view of a MantaroBot on the Controller App for Android

TableTop TeleMe Videos

Instructions for how to install the MantaroBot TelePresence Robots desktop controller.
TableTop TeleMe stationary telepresence robot main image.
Stationary Telepresence

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