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TeleMe Summary

MantaroBot has discontinued production of the 1st generation TeleMe. However, the TeleMe 2 and the TableTop TeleMe are all still available. Click the respective links to view each of those telepresence robots.

The TeleMe telepresence robot, from MantaroBot, is designed to utilize an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet as its control system. However, the TeleMe robot can also be operated by a PC using Mac, Windows, or Linux. Essentially, the TeleMe is a mobile platform with a docking station. Once the tablet is docked, a Skype conference can be started directly through the tablet. As long as the tablet has access to a 3G network or a wireless network an off-site person will be able to dial in. In order to set up the robot, the on-site personnel merely need to dock the tablet and power up the robot.

A remote user can operate the TeleMe via a web-based controller and, naturally, a wireless internet or intranet (closed network) connection. The user is able to move the robot around as well as pan/tilt the tablet to obtain different camera angles. The user does not require specialized controlling devices such as a joystick because the MantaroBot control app can be operated simply by the user's mouse. Additionally, MantaroBot has a Controller for Android so both Android phones and tablets can be used to drive their telepresence robots.

This TeleMe robot is fitted with infrared optical sensors that detect obstacles which help the offsite person avoid crashing the robot. Additionally, the TeleMe robot requires no supervision other than an initial power-up of the unit. On-site participants are able to communicate directly with the off-site user by utilizing the tablets built in camera and microphone. As a result, the TeleMe robot is able to offer user-friendly conference calling capabilities with the additional advantages of both sight and motion control.

The TeleMe robot is the original TeleMe offering from MantaroBot and has since been succeeded by the TeleMe 2. If you would like to check out the TeleMe 2 you may search on our "Robots" page or simply click here: TeleMe 2 robot page.


5' (152.4 cm)
Unique Features
Customizable features upon request
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Charge Time
Run Time
8 hours
Tablet Auto-Charged
Network Connectivity
WiFi or Data
Bandwidth Required
Docking Station
Included (usually optional)
Top Speed
1.4 mph
Crash Avoidance
Yes. Infrared Visual Feedback
Optional Support Plan

Features and Warranty

Tablet: Not included

TeleMe Weight: 18 lbs.

Custom mast height available upon request.

Optional laser pointer.

Interchangeable device holders to accommodate newer devices as they become available.

Intuitive Windows / Mac / web-based controller application.

Controller App for Android is available at the Google Play store.

TeleMe works with any available audio / video conferencing applications.

The TeleMe robot is capable of working in closed enterprise networks.

TeleMe Images

MantaroBot Teleme telepresence robot main image with tablet stationed vertically
TeleMe telepresence robot providing interaction between a user and a woman
Screenshot of a TeleMe robot's view.
Mantarobot TeleMe robot with pad stationed horizontally.
MantaroBot's TeleGo controller used for operating the TeleMe
View using the MantaroBot Controller App for Android.

TeleMe Videos

TeleMe robot image from MantaroBot with a clear background.
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Docking station included!

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