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TeleMe 2 Summary

The TeleMe 2 robot is one of the telepresence robots manufactured by MantaroBot. The TeleMe 2 differs from the original TeleMe telepresence robot by providing some new features, such as a quiet drivetrain, ability to pan 360° the tablet holder, and support for Windows tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Users of the TeleMe 2 telepresence robot can use any video-conferencing application on their tablet. The TeleMe 2 can be controlled via a Windows, Mac, Linux, or any device with a modern web browser by downloading and installing the control application or by using the web-based MantaroBot TeleGo app.  Additionally, users can operate the TeleMe with the MantaroBot TeleMe Robot App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. 

The MantaroBot Teleme 2 uses the tablets microphone and speakers for sound. However, a holder with built-in Bluetooth speakers is available for purchase. Other optional features include LED base headlights, a charging dock, a laser pointer, a motorized mast with increased pan, an extended life battery, and more.


Top Speed
1.4 mph
Docking Station
Run Time
8 hours
Unique Features
Tilts 85 degrees down and 45 degrees up
Network Connectivity
WiFi or Data
Crash Avoidance
Bandwidth Required
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Tablet Auto-Charged
Charge Time
Optional Support Plan

Features and Warranty

Device is not included: Users may use their own iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows tablet or smartphone.

The TeleMe 2 device holder accommodates the Apple iPad and iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab and S4, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4.

Auto-Tablet Charging: When the TeleMe 2 is plugged into it's charger, the tablet or smartphone will be charged as well.

Crash Avoidance: Infrared sensors detect obstacles and will automatically reduce TeleMe 2 robots speed.


Users can use any video-conferencing application.

MantaroBot TeleMe 2 Optional Features: laser pointer, LED Base headlights, extended-life battery, integrated Bluetooth speakers/microphone, multi-WiFi radio solution for better connectivity, Kensington Lock adapters for basic security, shirt hanger and a trailer/hitch for towing.

TeleMe 2 Images

MantaroBot TeleMe 2 telepresence robot main image with clear background
MantaroBot TeleMe 2 robot being used at a business luncheon
TeleMe 2 telepresence robot being interacted with by a man inside an art gallery
TeleMe 2 robot being used inside an office
MantaroBot TeleMe 2 controller application image

TeleMe 2 Videos

A short TeleMe 2 video from MantaroBot.
MantaroBot's TeleMe 2 video
TeleMe 2 telepresence robot image with clear background.
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