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Ohmni SuperCam Summary

The Ohmni telepresence robot, assembled in the U.S.A., lets you have an efficient, instant presence where you need to be; saving you time and energy and money.   Whether you need to check up on and spend more time with elderly family members, view your remote warehouse, visit friends from across the globe, or attend business meetings without traveling, an Ohmni at the location you need provides you with a physical presence and total control over what you see and hear.  And the 10.8" screen and included speaker lets your coworkers and other loved ones see and hear YOU.  Ohmni's use of inhouse 3D printers allows large savings to be passed onto the customer.

What does the Ohmni do?

The Ohmni includes a monitor and enterprise level speaker and microphone so you can have a remote presence right out of the box with no hassle.  Driving the Ohmni is a breeze.  It includes two HD cameras, one for the main view and one that aims at the base (and slightly behind the Ohmni) so you can easily see and avoid obstacles.  You can use keys on your keyboard to control the direction of the robot as well as tilting the camera on the robot up or down.  Additionally, the Ohmni includes a neat feature that allows you have your view correspond to where you point your mouse: Instantly view what you need.  Docking (re-charging) the robot is a breeze.  Simply drive the robot into easy view of the charging dock and press the "c" button and the Ohmni will automatically return to its charger.  Charging the battery, when empty, takes about 5 hours, which is also the approximate run time of the Ohmni.  Have wires and cords around your home or office?  No need to worry; the Ohmni can drive over them.

What does the Ohmni Supercam add over the original Ohmni?

The Ohmni Supercam includes a 4K, 13 MP High-Resolution camera to provide zoomable content to aid in the classroom or office when viewing whiteboards, desks, or similar situations.  The video quality is the same as the original Ohmni robot, but the SuperCam is able to take those high-resolution images to zoom in for greater detail.  The user can utilize the 'Snapshot' feature to save those images for later viewing.  The SuperCam also includes the ability to share your screen so what you have on the desktop of your phone or PC can be displayed on the SuperCam's screen.

What do I need for the Ohmni to work at the location I intend it for?

The Ohmni recommends bandwidth speeds of at least 3 MBps (both upload and download speeds) but it can work with less.  Outside of that and the small area needed to store the Ohmni and the included charging dock, you are all set!  

What does the person controlling the Ohmni need?

All they need is a PC (or Apple/Mac) computer or an Android device with a Google Chrome browser, plus the bandwidth speeds, mentioned above, of 3 MBps.  OhmniLabs, the manufacturer of the Ohmni robot, are working on adding support for iOS devices.  Currently they are in beta for iOS devices, so you'll use a Safari browser (instead of Chrome) on Apple smartphones and tablets. 

What about security?

The Ohmni is safe and secure.  A server is used only to initiate a call and then take over again after the call is ended.  During the call, data is encrypted, and no information (video, audio, or otherwise) is stored.  Information only passes between the remote user and the person at the Ohmni robot's location.

Need more information?  

View the Ohmni videos, images, specifications, features, ratings & reviews on this page or by using the appropriate links.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by using the Contact Us form located at the footer (bottom) of our website!

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Unique Features
13MP Zoom and Snapshot, Screen-share, Downward-facing camera, Quiet Driving
Charge Time
5 hours
Network Connectivity
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.* One year Hardware and Software Warranty.
Tablet Auto-Charged
Yes. Monitor included (10.1").
Top Speed
About 3 mph.
Yes. Drive within a few feet of the dock and press a button.
Crash Avoidance
No. It includes a down-ward facing camera for full visibility.
Docking Station
Yes; Included
Bandwidth Required
3 MBps up/down recommended (may work with less)
Telepresence Robot
Video Resolution
1920 x 1080 (3:2) 450 nits brightness
Run Time
About 6 hours

Features and Warranty

10.1" HD IPS touchscreen

Fast and Sharp HD video streaming

13mp snapshot for rich, zoomable content

95Wh LiFePO4 battery (6+ hrs)

Custom 3D printing manufacturing

Made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials

Made in the USA

56" tall (About 142 cm)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions: 31 lbs (14 kg) and 36 x 21 x 16" (App. 91 x 53 x 41 cm)

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Warranty: One Year (Through Manufacturer) In the event they cannot simply exchange a part, you ship the robot back to Ohmni and they will repair it at no cost to you (including shipping both ways).

Returned units will incur a 20% re-stocking fee, must be in perfect condition with all original packaging, and the customer will pay for the shipping.

Ohmni SuperCam Images

Ohmni SuperCam robot pic facing forward and to the right.
Ohmni SuperCam white version with clear background
Ohmni SuperCam black version with clear background
Ohmni SuperCam telepresence robot red version
Ohmni SuperCam telepresence robot red model
Ohmni SuperCam telepresence robot in red
Ohmni SuperCam robot's red version

Ohmni SuperCam Videos

An intro video for the Ohmni telepresence robot. Save money and skip travel and related hassles!
Made in the U.S.A!
Zoom in on content with a 13 MP Camera!
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
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