"A High-Definition Telepresence Robot with 17" Display"

Carl telepresence robot image with clear background


Not in production currently

Carl Telepresence Robot Summary

Orbis Robotics' Carl telepresence robot features a high-resolution 17" LCD monitor, a high-definition webcam, and a built-in amplified speaker system with optional wireless headphones for privacy. One of the features which separates the Carl robot from many of the other telepresence robots is that multiple users can log in and take part in the remote presence experience. One person controls the movement of the robot while the others can view (and be viewed) from their own locations.

Currently, Orbis Robotics is preparing to implement integration of biometric sensors (including heart monitors), improved optics for visual observation of patients, and family participation.  This last feature is exclusive to the Carl robot and allows members of a patient's family to participate in the Carl video call while the doctor is using the Carl to remotely visit the patient. 


Crash Avoidance
Network Connectivity
WiFI and Optional Cell Wireless Operation
1 Year Parts, 24/7 Phone Support
Top Speed
2 mph
Run Time
4 hours (Optional 8 hours)
Unique Features
Multiple Participants, Built-in Amplified Speaker System, Wireless Headphone Capability
Video Resolution
Orbis Robotics
Tablet Auto-Charged
Docking Station
Charge Time
3 hours
48" - 58"
Bandwidth Required
1.5 mb/s up and down

Features and Warranty

Carl robot monitor: 17" High-Resolution LCD.

Sensors: IR, Sonar.

Camera: HD Webcam.

WiFi: 802.11N.

Built-in Amplified Speakers.

Noise-Cancelling Microphone.

Laser Pointer: Optional.

Carl Robot Images

Orbis Robotics' Carl telepresece robot main image
Carl telepresence robot picture near a podium in a funeral home
Orbis Robotics Carl inside a funeral home
Carl robot pictured on left and right has two images of robot participants
Carl robot and its operater engaging with three people in an office
Orbis Robotics Carl remote presence robot full body
Orbis Robotics Carl telepresence robot full image alongside smaller image of Carl inside a funeral home with family looking at the robot

Carl Robot Videos

Orbis Robotics' video introducing the Carl telepresence robot. The CEO, as well as an Orbis employee using the Carl remotely, speak about how the Carl can be used to attend funeral homes when people are unable to attend in person. A great way for people who wish to join an event but are restricted from attending in person by time, location, or health.
Here is a video from Orbis Robotics, the manufacturer of the Carl telepresence robot, which reveals how a telepresence robot can allow business owners to reduce travel expenses and enhance communication.
Not in production currently
Up to 6 People Can Participate at Once!
Leasing Plans Starting at $150/mo!

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