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Teleporter Summary

The Teleporter telepresence robot, from Orbis Robotics, offers WiFi and optional Cellular wireless operation, amplified speakers, and a noise-canceling microphone in addition to its 20" LCD High-Resolution monitor.  The Teleporter also features a laser pointer, an HD camera capable of 240X zoom (20X Optical), and three obstacle avoidance sensors.  

One of the unique features of the Teleporter robot is that it offers multi-participants in the video and audio feeds.  While one person controls the robot, up to five additional users can log in and see (and be seen on) the screen.  This provides a very convenient way for multiple remote workers or physicians to easily participate in conferences and discussions or remote factory or hospital tours.

The amplified speakers and noise-cancelling microphone allow for easier and enhanced communication while the large screen of the Teleporter allows the operator to bring up schematics, blueprints, and websites on screen to show people at the robots location.  Additionally, the HD camera allows the user to zoom 
in to view and display such things as instruments or parts in great detail.  

For safety, the Teleporter has a sonar sensor, an infrared sensor, and a 3D camera which enables the robot to map its surroundings, allowing for very safe operation.  



Top Speed
2 mph
54" - 66"
Docking Station
Unique Features
Laser pointer, Secondary Web-Cam, Expandable USB
Tablet Auto-Charged
1 Year Parts, 24/7 Phone Support
Video Resolution
Crash Avoidance
Run Time
8 hours
Charge Time
3 hours
Orbis Robotics
Bandwidth Required
1.5 mb/s up and down
Network Connectivity
WiFI and Optional Cell Wireless Operation

Features and Warranty

 Teleporter robot Height: 54"-66" (Adjustable)

High-Definition Camera: Capable of 240X zoom

Secondary web-cam and built-in speaker system

Monitor: 20" High-Resolution LCD

Obstacle Avoidance: Infrared/3D/Sonar sensors

6-hour battery pack

Suitable for factory use

Expandable USB ports

Plug-in charger with optional Dock and Auto-Docking

H.264 Advanced Video Codec Compatible

Teleporter Images

Orbis Robotics' Teleporter robot main image.
Teleporter three part image containing the robot, the operator, and its base, at a convention.
Teleporter robot being used in a sterile environment.
Teleporter interacting with a worker at a manufacturing plant.

Teleporter Videos

This video provides a small sampling of the Teleporter and Carl robots. You will learn about how the robots can help you, as well as how the Carl obtained its name.
Orbis Robotics' introductory video of the Teleporter telepresence robot. See how the Teleporter gives business owners greater freedom and reduces expenses.
This is a short video of a presention by the CEO of Orbis Robotics, Steve Gray, which includes a demonstration of their Teleporter robot. The focus is on how the Teleporter telepresence robot can be used at factories to increase productivity and eliminate travel costs.
Not in production currently
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