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"A tiny telepresence robot which lets you be anywhere at once, easily!"


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PadBot T1 Summary

If you don't always like to travel but want to visit your friends and family more often, the PadBot T1 is a wonderful solution for you.  Visit your grandparents, other family, friends, pets, whomever or whatever, and WHENever you want!  Check up on your pets, visit your children and spouse for a few minutes during your work break, give your friends in Paris a virtual tour of your home in Seattle (assuming you have friends in Paris and a home in Seattle, of course), whatever you want!  The PadBot T1 is so small you may even lose it in your purse (or backpack, if you're a man). 

Don't worry, there is no difficulty in setting things up.  Simply attach a smartphone or iPad Mini (not included) to the device, visit the visit the Apple or Google Play Store and Download the PadBot App, follow the simple steps to connect the PadBot T1 to your smartphone via Bluetooth and ...Voila!  Away you go!  If you're looking for robots for children; in particular, telepresence robots for children, the T1 is a very suitable option due to its small size and safety features.  No need to worry about them making dents in your dining room table or chairs, or running over your cat (assuming you find this a good thing).  

You, your friends, or your family can log in from their own smartphones or tablets - Apple or Android - and drive the T1 around as if they were there in person.  Or, perhaps, even if they ARE there in person. Not convinced?  Why not get a free demo and drive this delightfully fun little telepresence robot around as if YOU were there in real life? Click the "Get a Demo" button and we will get you set up so you can test it and put it through its paces, absolutely free of charge - Well, except for the battery charge, naturally.  Thanks...We'll be here all week...

*Smartphones not included.

**The PadBot T1's battery is charged using the included USB plug (a wall adapter is not included). 


Top Speed
3.6cm (1.4")
Inbot Technology Ltd.
Crash Avoidance
Bandwidth Required
4 Mbps (8Mbps recommended)
Unique Features
Auto-Answer, Auto-Charge Phone, Collision Prevention
Run Time
12 hours with normal usage, 2 with extreme usage.
Video Resolution
Depends on device; but capable of 720p
Docking Station
Charge Time
4 hours
Tablet Auto-Charged
Network Connectivity
WiFi or 4G LTE

Features and Warranty

Available in two colors: Rose pink or Space Gray

The T1 does not include a smartphone or wall adapter (it is charged using an included USB connector).

PadBot T1 Dimensions: 16.2cm (L) x 13.1cm (W) x 3.6cm (H)

PadBot T1 Weight: About 1 pound (460g)

T1 Standby Time: 100 hours

Infrared Collision Prevention

Rated Energy: 13.23Wh


Device is Auto-Charged

*Smartphone not included

PadBot Warranty and Tech Support: PadBot will provide technical support and pay for the shipping to replace any non-working parts within 90 days from the date of purchase.

PadBot Returns: 30-day money-back guarantee providing the robot and all parts are in perfect condition and shipped back in the original packaging within 30 days of the purchase date.  Customer pays for return shipping.  Additionally, there will be a 15% (of the sale price) re-stocking fee.

PadBot T1 Images

PadBot T1 small telepresence robot main image with smartphone (not included).
Inbot Technology PadBot T1 with smartphone attached.
PadBot T1 telepresence robot image without smartphone attached
PadBot T1 base with dimensions shown for length, width, and height.
PadBot T1 interacting with a Golden Retriever.
PadBot T1 functions shown above the telepresence robot image with deep gray background
PadBot T1 design with smaller images displaying features
PadBot T1 design, exploded view with list of features alongside.
PadBot T1 telepresence robot - silver version, on a table.
PadBot T1 robot - pink rose version, on a table.
PadBot T1 features shown below the T1 on the edge of a table.
PadBot T1 telepresence bot with pink rose coloring and smartphone (not included) attached.
Screenshot of the Padbot robot's remote user view.

PadBot T1 Videos

Visit your friends or family, or allow them to visit you, quickly and simply from anywhere with this fun telepresence robot; the
The PadBot T1 is a delightful, diminutive telepresence robot! Let your friends and family visit NOW. Wanna check up on your pet
Here is another short video of the similarly diminutive PadBot T1 robot being used on tables in offices and homes to allow people to interact with friends from afar.
PadBot T1 small telepresence robot, pink rose color.
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Fun, tiny, and portable!
Charge by connecting the USB cable to your laptop or adapter

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