Synergy Swan

"Highly Maneuverable Telepresence at an Affordable Price"



Synergy Swan Summary

The R.Bot Synergy Swan robot is a telepresence robot which allows users to visit remote locations without having to travel there in person.  Fathers can check in on the rest of their family while at work, mothers can keep an extra 'eye' out on their children while they are in separate rooms, and business people can check in on their house or pets during business hours.  The videos below demonstrate some of what the Swan robot is capable of.

As common amongst telepresence robots, users may communicate with people at the robots location through the speakers and microphones on the tablet or smartphone (not included with the Synergy Swan) that is attached to the robot.  Additionally, the Synergy Swan has face recognition capability and includes a human speech synthesizer as an alternative way to transmit voices.

Remote users may operate the Synergy Swan robot using Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, or Windows devices. However, at present time only Android devices may be placed on the robot itself.  R.Bot uses its own remote presence software so users do not need to use video conferencing applications such as Skype or Google Hangouts.


Bandwidth Required
2 Mbps recommended
Docking Station
Top Speed
About 1.1 mph (1.8 km/h)
About 14-36" (without device attached)
Crash Avoidance
Not currently
Run Time
10 hours
Charge Time
5 hours
Tablet Auto-Charged
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Unique Features
Facial recognition, Speech synthesizer
Network Connectivity
WiFi or Data

Features and Warranty

Synergy Swan base: About 17.3" (44cm)

Synergy Swan weight: About 31 lbs. (14kg)

Facial recognition.

Human speech synthesizer.

Ability to lower and raise height of the robot and positioning of the attached device.

Device can be charged while the robot is in use through a USB connection

Included in the Box when the Synergy Swan ships: robot, charger, standard device holder, USB cable, manual.

Synergy Swan Images

Rbot Synergy Swan telepresence robot main image with clear background.
Rbot Synergy Swan robot pictured in most compact position with blue floor lights.
Synergy Swan telepresence robot pictured on hardwood floor with head leaning forward and looking at the ground.
Rbot Swan robot pictured with its neck elongated and looking up.
Rbot Synergy Swan robot with its neck extended and blue floor lights.
Rbot Synergy Swan telepresence robot with blue floor lights reflecting on a hardwood floor.
Rbot Synergy Swan robot pictured from behind and facing away from the camera.
Rbot telepresence robot, the swan, facing the camera.
Swan remote presence robots being demonstrated on stage by a man.
Swan telepresence robot being pictured with blue floor lights on and neck looking upwards.
Swan robot with neon blue floor lights and with its neck contracted.
Yellow and black Swan virtual presence robot interacting with a man on stage.
Rbot Synergy Swan robot being photographed by a group of people.
Synergy Swan telepresence robot looking directly at the camera.

Synergy Swan Videos

Synergy Swan telepresence robots "dancing" at a robot trade-show.
This video shows the Synergy Swan robot being used to visit family remotely and to keep an eye on children while in another room.
Synergy Swan telepresence robot image with a clear background.

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