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Sanbot Elf Summary

The Sanbot Elf telepresence robot (formerly known as the Sanbot S1) provides you a physical, remote presence, enabling you to visit family, co-workers, hospital patients, and others instantly and efficiently.  The Sanbot Elf is controlled using an application called Qlink, which can be downloaded to either your smartphone, tablet, or PC.  Business and hospitals can use the Sanbot to project documents such as Excel and PowerPoint files, as well as other documents and videos.  Similarly, the Sanbot Elf can use it's projector and it's 65" image display to broadcast movies.  The Sanbot Elf has built-in subwoofers, touch sensors, and HD touch screen, infrared sensors for autonomous navigation and crash detection, and even a 3D camera in addition to its normal HD camera. 

Home users are using Sanbot telepresence robots to visit their family and friends instantly, to eliminate time and expenses and hassles associated with many traveling experiences.  

Business users are using telepresence robots to instantly meet with coworkers or to check product placement on sales floors or in warehouses.

Hospital users are using telepresence robots to enable specialists to immediately be on hand for emergencies such as when a person has a stroke.  They also enable clinics to offer a simple way for family members and friends of patients to visit with their loved ones with no worries of germs.  Friends and family simply access the telepresence robot at the hospital, or have a member of the staff drive the robot to the patient's room.

The Sanbot Elf can also be used for customer service.  Visitors to your business or hospital or museum can ask the Sanbot for directions and basic questions. 

Auto-Docking:  The Sanbot can be programmed to automatically charge itself once its battery level reaches a particular percentage (i.e. 10%, 20$, etc).  Additionally, you can tell the Sanbot to charge itself using your voice or via the Qlink app. 

What do the remote users need?: The Sanbot can be controlled using a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

What else can it do?  It can play a video or programmed presentation using it's screen or it's built-in projector.  Use the Sanbot Elf to display excel and PowerPoint files, videos, and other documents.  The Sanbot can change colors and interact with people using its voice and facial recognition and ability to respond to questions.  The Sanbot can even dance; mind you, you'll not see much of a resemblance with Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, but the Sanbot gets a big "E" for effort.  Returning to more practical levels, thanks to its adaptability to customization, the Sanbot can be tailored for use in hotel, retail, healthcare, education, and other industries. 

For more information on the Sanbot Elf, you can view the Sanbot videos, images, features and specifications, and more on this page or by clicking the links for Sanbot Elf reviews.  

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Network Connectivity
Charge Time
Video Resolution
Top Speed
.8 m/s (About 1.8 mph)
90cm (About 32" or 2'8")
Tablet Auto-Charged
Yes. Built-in Monitor
Bandwidth Required
Docking Station
Run Time
10 hours (About 20 hrs. on Standby)
Qihan Technology Co. Ltd.
Crash Avoidance
Yes. Gyroscope, Compass, Infra-red, 3D, and Touch Sensors.
Unique Features
Open API, Android SDK available. Speech and face recognition. Built-in projector.

Features and Warranty

Sanbot Elf Weight: 19 kg (About 42 lbs.)

Sanbot Elf Dimensions: 92 x 30 x 40 cm (About 32 x 12 x 16 in.)

Display Monitor: 10.1" 1080P Touchscreen.

Display Projector: 1920 x 720 HD, 60 Hz, 16:9 Aspect Ratio.

Battery: Lithium Battery.  Capacity: 20 Ah / 300W

Cameras: 8 MP HD Camera, 1 MP HD Camera w/140 degree aspheric surface angle

Physical Features: 

Head: 7 microphones, 2 cameras, 3D sensor, 7 touch sensors

Body: Obstacle detection, 6 charging dock sensors, 4 touch sensors, compass, gyroscope

Arms: 4 obstacle detection sensors, 2 touch sensors

Base: 10 obstacle detection sensors, 3 omni-wheels

Movement / Motion:  

Head: 180 degree pan, 30 degree tilt

Arms: +90 degrees, -180 degrees

Base: 360 degree movement

Operating System: ROS 1.1. 

Sound: 360 degree sound localization. 2 tweeters, 1 woofer.

WiFi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz)

Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0, ZigBee

LEDs: 250 colors, 2 cycles for the 'ears,' 'hands,' and 1 for the base. 

Can it overcome changes in flooring: The Sanbot is able to overcome 1.5 cm (maximum) obstacles. 

Qihan Cloud Features: The Qihan Cloud provides for account management, maintanence, community interaction, We-chat messaging app, cloud computing, remote control, live chatting, online semantics-analysis, news feeds, firmware updates, A/V transmission, User Data Mining, Cloud Storage, Application Market, Cloud Resource Sharing. 

Sanbot Elf Images

The Sanbot Elf telepresence robot main image with a clear background.
Sanbot elf pic - full image from the front
Sanbot Elf robot - side view
Sanbot elf remote presence robot image from the back
Sanbot elf telepresence robots with views from side, front, and back

Sanbot Elf Videos

This video shows the qlink control application being used with the Sanbot Elf. Users can use the Qlink app using either their smartphones or tablets.
The Sanbot Elf can project presentations for business, but also movies and games for private use. View it's 65" projection capabilities here.
Built-in Projector for Presentations!
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