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Beam Summary

Have you ever felt that you could complete work at your office from home?  The Beam telepresence robots allow you to 'beam' into a remote location and have a presence there, saving you the time and effort and cost of travelling.

The Beam Plus (Beam+) is the latest telepresence robot offering from Suitable Technologies. Designed as a smaller, home-use alternative to its predecessor, the Beam Pro, the Beam Plus telepresence robot allows family members to visit with one another no matter where in the world they may be located.  It can be operated using a computer, tablet, or smartphone after being connected to a WiFi source and downloading the Beam app.  

Grandchildren can chat with their grandparents, a parent can read a bedtime story or sing a lullaby to their children, small business owners can drive to the desk of a coworker while away, or owners can simply check in on their pets while away during the day. One of the exciting new features from Beam is "Party Mode."  Party mode is an audio feature which allows the Beam+ to automatically adjust to louder environments.  The built-in noise cancellation is increased in addition to the volume from the speakers, enabling better listening whatever your environment.  Another advanced feature for you to look out for is the option to have arms and additional accessories added, which are currently under development.

The Beam Plus robot is able to overcome obstacles (changes in floor surface, cords, etc.) up to 3/4 of an inch high as well as being able to climb all ADA compliant ramps.

Feel free to browse the Beam Plus robot images, videos, and Beam reviews in order to see how the Beam+ can potentially help you whether in a home or business setting.

*Monthly Service Fee Required.


Tablet Auto-Charged
Pre-installed Screen
Top Speed
0.9 mph
Bandwidth Required
1 Mbps up/down minimum (3Mbps recommended)
Run Time
Up to 2 hours of continuous operation.
Docking Station
Crash Avoidance
Unique Features
2x enhanced digital zoom, Echo cancellation, background noise cancellation.
Suitable Technologies
Charge Time
4 hours
Network Connectivity
WiFi (4G Optional)
90-day Limited Warranty.
Video Resolution
640 x 480 HDR
Yes. When close, hold a button while the robot positions itself.
52.9" (134.4 cm)

Features and Warranty

Monthly Service Fee Required.

Beam+ Monitor: 10" LCD edge-lit.

Cameras: Two 480p HDR cameras with a large viewing angle.

Zoom: Front-facing camera features 2x digital zoom.

4-microphone array with powerful audio amplifier.

Speaker: 2.2", 15-Watt powered speaker.

Dual-band radio can use 4G with an additional USB modem.

Available for Windows 7 or higher, and Mac OS X 10.7+. The Beam program has free and automatic updates.

For best results a 2Ghz Intel i3 processer or better and 2+GB of RAM is recommended.

Beam+ is capable of navigating 'bumps' up to 3/4 of an inch high.

Docking station size is about 1.5 sq. ft.

Security: The Beam+ and BeamPRO robots use TLS/SSL encryption protocol to keep your data private and secure.

Beam+ robot shipping box dimensions: 57" x 17" x 18.5" and 60 lbs.

Beam Plus Footprint: 12.3" x 16.4" and 39lbs.

External Ports:  1 USB 2.0 Port

Mobile Devices Supported: iPhone 5s or newer, iPad Air or newer, Most Android phones and tablets made after 2014.

Computers and other devices must have a working camera in order to perform a call using the Beam robots.

Beam Images

Suitable Technologies Beam Plus robot main image
Suitable Technologies Beam+ Robot side and front view
Beam Plus robot being used in an office environment
Suitable Technologies Beam+ telepresence robots front view

Beam Videos

Short, introductory video of the Beam+ telepresence robot's design and movement.
Beam+ video which shows the Beam robot being operated remotely by a grandmother to interact with her grandchildren, and a mother who checks in on the rest of her family while not at home.
The CEO of a company explains how a Beam robot has helped his company: eliminating conference calling and instead enabling a face to face meeting, a greater sense of human touch from remote employees, and enhanced communication overall created by the ability to move and controlling the robot.

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