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"An Enterprise Level Telepresence Robot Suitable for a Corporate Office or Manufacturing Presence"

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Beam Pro Summary

Looking to save money for your company and cut both time and travel?  Telepresence robots will enable you to do all of that while simultaneously creating more engaging remote experiences, whether for executives jumping in on meetings or scouting out a new store layout, or for companies providing remote tours. 

The Beam Pro is being used in corporate, manufacturing, medical, and sales environments to increase productivity and reduce costs!  Take advantage of a telepresence robot to conduct corporate training, have a commanding remote presence, conduct company tours, and meet with clients or fellow executives or employees.

The Beam Pro (BeamPro) robot is produced by Suitable Technologies as another addition to the field of business telepresence robots. Sporting a 17" screen, the Beam telepresence robot has many features distinguishing itself from competitors.  The large screen and more imposing size provide a stronger presence and command greater attention in the workplace.   

The robot can be setup to allow auto-activation, where a remote user can use the robot right away, as well as setting up an introduction, where the call from the remote user must be answered.  This answering feature can also be performed through their mobile app, so if a customer wishes to log into your Beam Pro, and attempts to log in from their home, you can accept that call from wherever you are using your Beam mobile app.

The Beam Pro provides an enhanced ability to read facial gestures due to the large screen which helps to improve user experience. Two HD cameras provide a 170-degree wide-angle horizontal and vertical field of view, mitigating the tunnel vision you often get with traditional web-cams. The BeamPro also has four wireless radios that allow it to be connected to multiple wireless points at the same time and seamlessly transfer between points with no latency or lag.  The Beam is the only telepresence robot to implement this feature as the technology has been patented by Suitable Technologies (the manufacturer of the Beam robots).

The Beam robot implements a six microphone system which allows for reduced background noise and echo-cancellation. Also included is a feature called "Party Mode," which seeks to cancel out all noise except what is directly in front of you; great for manufacuring or warehouse or group environments. The Beam Pro offers a stronger speaker output than the Beam Plus, capable of outputting around 100 decibals.  In the future they plan to have an "Active Listening" feature, in which the Beam will attempt to match the correct volume to your surroundings.  If you are in a quiet room?  The volume will decrease.  If you are in a manufacturing plant, the volume will increase accordingly.   

The BeamPro boasts an approximate eight hours of battery life, allowing you to get a full day of work in without the need to seek a recharge.  When a recharge is necessary, the user can simply drive the robot back to the charging station.

The Beam currently works with Windows 7 (or higher) and OS X 10.7 (or higher) operating systems (Not Linux compatible at the moment). Additionally, Suitable Technologies has also released functionality for Android and iOS devices using the Beam apps, allowing users to operate the robot using those tablets or smartphones.


*Monthly Contract Required.


Video Resolution
Suitable Technologies
Tablet Auto-Charged
Unique Features
Zoom capability, Echo-Canceling Mic w/ Adaptive Noise Reduction
Top Speed
2 mph
Bandwidth Required
1 Mbps up/down minimum (3Mbps up/down recommended)
5'2" (157.48 cm)
Yes. When close, hold a button while the robot positions itself.
Crash Avoidance
Yes. Assisted Driving.
Charge Time
4 hours
90-day Limited Warranty
Docking Station
Run Time
8 hours (24 standby)
Network Connectivity
WiFi 802.11 a/g/n

Features and Warranty

Service Contract Required. (3 years included in listed price)

Monitor: 17" LCD Screen (4:3).

Can operate with your mouse, keyboard, or Xbox controller.

Available for Windows 7 or higher, and Mac OS X 10.7+. Beam program has free and automatic updates.

For best results a 2Ghz Intel i3 processer or better and 2+GB of RAM.

2 dual-band (802.11 a/b/g/n) radios or Optional 4G card allows seamless connectivity.

BeamPro Docking Station Dimensions: The BeamPro covers 2 sq. ft.

Two wide-angle video cameras enable a 105 degree field of view, 480p video and 3x digital zoom.

Front loud-speaker can produce up to 90 decibels.

Security: The Beam+ and BeamPRO robots use TLS/SSL encryption protocol to keep your data private and secure.

Beam Pro Images

BeamPro telepresence robot main image with no background.
Suitable Technologies BeamPro robot being used in a hospital while a doctor treats a patient
BeamPro remote presence robots pictured from the front and side
Suitable Technologies BeamPro robot in a business office with businessman alongside
BeamPro robot screenshot of the robots view of a business lounge.
Suitable Technologies BeamPro robot docking station.
BeamPro virtual presence robot in a showroom with people standing around
Suitable Technologies BeamPro being interacted with by a man in a business setting
BeamPro telepresence robot picture with a blue background.

Beam Pro Videos

A Beam Pro video.
Another BeamPro video from Suitable Technologies.
A short Beam Pro video.
Another short BeamPro business telepresence robot video.
A quick video of the BeamPro business telepresence robot.

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