RP2W Generation 7

"A Vectoring Telepresence Robot for Presence at Remote Locations"

Superdroid RP2W Generation 7 vectoring telepresence robot image with a clear background.


  • RP2W Generation 7 Summary

    The SuperDroid Robots RP2W Generation 7 Vectoring Telepresence Robot is a remote presence robot.  The RP2W provides the ability for people to have a virtual presence at a distant location by logging into a Windows PC with skype and using two-way audio and video streams and a controller (or a mouse or touch-screen) to move the robot wherever they like, assuming there is WiFi network in place.

    The SuperDroid Robots RP2W control software provides not only the ability to move the robot around a remote location, but also the ability to pan up to 360 degrees and to tilt over 150 degrees.  The RP2W Telepresence Robot uses a tri-wheel (three-wheel) platform which allows the robot to turn in place.  The RP2W does include a Windows 8 tablet which is mounted on the robot.  

    The ability to have the tablet auto-charged by the robot is an option customers may choose to add.  The option of various LED lights to use while controlling the robot in dark areas is an interesting add-on feature. Additionally, users may choose to purchase IR sensors to help avoid unseen obstacles on the ground. 

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  • Specifications

    Docking Station
    SuperDroid Robots
    Tablet Auto-Charged
    Top Speed
    About 1 mph
    Network Connectivity
    WiFi 802.11 b/g
    Bandwidth Required
    1.5 mb/s up and down
    Unique Features
    Crash Avoidance
    Run Time
    6-10 hours
    56" (About 142 cm)
    Charge Time
    90 day warranty. All sales are final.
    Video Resolution
    1280 x 800

    Features and Warranty

    Device is included (a Windows tablet).

    Pan and Tilt.

    Remote user can log in via a Windows PC.

    Safety - Network Interruptions: If the connection is interrupted the robot will stop and wait until the connection is resumed.

    A game pad is supplied for alternative control of the robot.

    Optional IR Sensors for crash avoidance.  

    Optional white or colored LED lights.

    Optional Automatic Tablet Charging (the tablet will charge using the batteries on the RP2W).

    Optional Paint: SuperDroid Robots' staff will paint the RP2W.

    RP2W Generation 7 Images

    SuperDroid Robots RP2W Generation 7 Vectoring Telepresence Robot main image with clear background.
    RP2W SuperDroid Generation 7 telepresence robot pic with white background.
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