"An Easy-to-Use, Automatic-Tracking, Stationary Telepresence Robot"

Swivl C5 picture with a clear background and no smartphone or tablet included.


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Swivl Summary

Have you ever wanted to record your own 360 videos?  Are you interested in recording training or classroom sessions hands-free?  The Swivl is a stationary telepresence robot designed with a focus on enhancing presentations in classrooms and the business world by combining video conferencing with robotics.

The Swivl robot offers several features which can help create more robust communication. The Swivl provides users the ability to create slideshows which can be shown on the device attached to the Swivl. The user also has the ability to control the robot through the use of a remote control (Swivl uses the term "marker") which, in addition to containing a microphone and having the ability to control operation of the slideshow, can rotate the Swivl's view from side to side for a 360 degree continuous pan as well as tilt the view to a 25 degree maximum. Alternatively, the Swivl features a tracking function, where the robot follows the user, enabling them to have hands free self-recording.

The Swivl is currently being marketed as a tool for business and classroom presentations and is capable of creating an exciting stationary telepresence experience. The remote user can have their face displayed on the device's screen and the Swivl can follow the movement of a person at the robot's location.  For improved sound the aforementioned marker can be attached to the presenter's clothing and operates as a microphone, allowing for continuous, quality sound even if the local user moves away from the robot. The microphone has a 30-foot range and operates at 2.4Ghz.

The remote user can operate the Swivl using the Swivl Control app, which can be downloaded for free from either the Google Play or Apple stores.


Charge Time
5 hours.
Unique Features
360 Automatic Video Capture
Network Connectivity
WiFi or 4G
Crash Avoidance
Yes. 1-year: Physical Damage Not Covered.
Stationary Telepresence
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Bandwidth Required
1 Mbps minimum
Top Speed
Run Time
4 hours
Tablet Auto-Charged
Docking Station

Features and Warranty

Swivl's rotation: 360 degree pan and 25 degree tilt.

Swivl Dimensions: 4.9" x 2.6" tall and about 2 lbs.

Tracking: 2 - 30 foot range.

iOS and Android integration (devices not included).

Mounting: Will hold any device under 12mm thick (Optional capability to support up to 20mm).

Warranty: One year warranty (Optional two year warranty available).

Swivl Images

Swivl robot image with clear background
Swivl base and marker pictured with clear background
Swivl remote control or marker pictured alone
Three Swivl robots pictured from the sides and showing different levels of tilt
Swivl robot set on a desk in a classroom
Swivl robot with marker and a picture on the device's screen.
Image of the Swivl marker being held.
Swivl robot with a device attached and sitting on a table.
Three Swivl telepresence robots displayed with a clear background.
Swivl robot sitting on a table while two people converse.
Swivl robot pictured with a slide displayed on the screen of the device and the remote nearby.
Swivl robot pictured, mounted on a tripod.
Swivl carrying case image with clear background.

Swivl Videos

Overview of the Swivl robot, a stationary telepresence robot.
The Swivl robot being introduced as a motion platform for capturing images.
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