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Webot Summary

Wicron Robotics' Webot is a telepresence robot that features a "head" with a built-in monitor that can be controlled by the remote user.  Many remote presence robots that have pre-installed monitors have static "heads," but the controller of the Webot can look up or down as desired; 90 degrees vertically and 300 degrees horizontally.     

The Webot also offers a long run-time of up to 12 hours.  Wicron (the creator of the Webot) mentions that some of the advantages that the Webot robot can provide are the ability to provide remote assistance in shopping centers, the ability for supervisors to monitor and interact with employees, the ability for business owners and leaders to save thousands of dollars by participating in meetings remotely, the ability to have more accurate control over merchandise and warehouse setups, the ability for museums to be experienced from afar, and the ability to attract customers through interaction with the robot or even having company names and logos attached to the robot itself.  

The Webot, as with all telepresence robots, puts video conferences and remote viewing in your hands, giving you greater control of what you wish to see and when; empowering you to have a greater presence and more enhanced and efficient communication with your peers and coworkers or family, even from across the sea.


Unique Features
Head control, built-in monitor and sound system
Crash Avoidance
4' 7" (1.4m)
Top Speed
.4 meters/sec.
Docking Station
Tablet Auto-Charged
Video Resolution
Network Connectivity
Bandwidth Required
Charge Time
Run Time
Up to 12 hours

Features and Warranty

Webot Dimensions: 1.4 m tall, .47 m wide, .48 m long.

Includes built-in sound system.

Monitor: Included.

Able to overcome obstacles 20 mm in height.

Able to climb up to 15 degree grades.

Pan/Tilt ability.

Webot software can be controlled using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Can work with multiple Wi-Fi networks up to 5.8 Ghz.


Webot Images

Wicron Robotics' Webot telepresence robot main image.
Wicron Webot full body image during an exhibition.
Wicron Webot robot head shot.

Webot Videos

A Wicron Webot video which features the Webot in offices, a museum, and a classroom. The video concludes by showing some of the Webot robot's specifications.
Home-made video of the Webot being driven in a hallway. The video provides an illustration of how the remote user can move the robot's head to see things which are on the floor.
Webot telepresence robot image with a clear background.

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