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Oculus Summary

Xaxxon Technologies' Oculus telepresence robot provides an adjustable frame which holds a laptop (not included) and provides a remote presence. Complete with powered wheels and a tilting periscope for the laptop's webcam.

The Oculus telepresence robot includes easy-to-install, open source control software that is available as a free download on Windows (7/XP/Vista) and Linux 32 or 64-bit operating systems. You can control the robot over the internet using any PC web browser or iOS (Apple) or Android phone. Power and communication to the system is supplied entirely via USB. The laptop's battery is charged using its own stock charger, routed through the included charging dock.

Xaxxon offers the option of purchasing the OcuLED headlight which allows you to drive the Oculus robot in complete darkness. Roborealm computer vision software provides advanced computer vision programming capabilities such as object recognition and autonomous functionality. A Primesense/Xtion mounting bracket supports Asus Xtion Pro, Asus Xtion Live Pro, and Primesense Carmine 3D depth cameras to enhance the Oculus robot if desired.


Xaxxon Technologies
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Run Time
Dependent Upon Device Used
About 20"
Bandwidth Required
Optional Support Plan
Network Connectivity
Top Speed
Crash Avoidance
Tablet Auto-Charged
Docking Station
Charge Time
Dependent Upon Device Used
Unique Features
Optional Vision Upgrade, Optional OcuLED Headlight

Features and Warranty

System Requirements: 500Mb RAM, WiFi 802.11 g/n, java runtime environment, adobe flash plugin, USB 2.0 port, webcam (built-in and center-mounted is recommended for the auto-docking feature), and a built-in or external microphone.

The Oculus will support many different types of laptops and netbooks (not included).

The Oculus comes with a complete set of DC jack and plug adapters compatible with most small laptops.

Xaxxon Technologies provides free, open-source control software.


Oculus Images

Xaxxon Technologies Oculus robot main image with LED ligh included in picture
Xaxxon Oculus telepresence robots pictured from the side
Xaxxon Oculus telepresence robot pictured from front with optional mount and LED headlight
Oculus telepresence robot pictured from back
Oculus LED headlight image
Oculus robot with optional LED headlight attached and turned on
Oculus telepresence robot screenshot of remote users view
Xaxxon Technologies Oculus robot pictured without laptop
Five Oculus robot adaptors pictured in a semi-circle

Oculus Videos

Video of Xaxxon Technologies' Oculus remote presence robot.
Oculus telepresence robot video.
Short Oculus video.
The Xaxxon Oculus in action.

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