Russia's Synergy SWAN wins on price

Small image of the Rbot Synergy Swan robot

Synergy Swan, of Russia's R.Bot technology company, is an amazingly affordable telepresence robot designed specifically for the consumer based market. Synergy Swan is exceptionally inexpensive while still being powerful. It is appealing to the eyes, weighs about 30 lbs, and is powered by smart devices such as phones and tablets.

The screen (or face) of the robot can be any Android device, such as a smartphone or tablet. You attach your mobile device to the robot, and it becomes alive with fully functional telepresence communication capabilities. It can scrunch up into a tiny ball, and extend/retract its neck to allow for greater mobility and visual acuity. Its sleek design makes it perfect for the consumer market, and the relatively affordable price of about $999 makes it even better.

In addition to having full telepresence capabilities, programmable apps for android devices will also allow for automated behavior and interaction of the Synergy Swan. It can be programmed to react to facial expressions with facial recognition software (for instance, you can command it to play a song or a video clip, or make a certain face in response to external stimuli; such as a person’s smiling face or frowning face).

The robot has wheels and can move fluidly at a pace of about 1 mile per hour, and movement commands can be sent through its neck to initialize direct control of its movements via bluetooth. This machine is basically a smartphone on wheels (or a smart tablet, whichever you decide to use). You can control it and interact with it, or have it interact with other people, either autonomously or through remote telepresence control.

A smaller, stationary telepresence version of the Synergy Swan is the Synergy Mime, which is a couple hundred dollars less expensive but currently under development.

Get more information about the Rbot Synergy Swan robot by clicking here: Synergy Swan telepresence robot page.

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