So long CES 2013, maybe next year

International CES 2013 logo.

It seems that most years TV’s make the headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show held each year in January, this year was no exception. There is a small corner of the show that is dedicated to solely to robots, but this year it seemed to be more suppliers rather than robots. The exception to this being a messaging robot by Dream Bots, which I am guessing it going for a less is more approach since it would seem to weigh only about 2lbs. Some companies we have reported on previously appeared such at Suitable Technologies with the Beam Remote Presence Device, and MantaroBot with both the Classic and TeleMe offerings. We do hope to get some updates on Robotex's AVATAR Home and Security offering, which did debut at the show.

While Microsoft did not appear this year, with all the cars there, I would be really surprised if Google doesn’t enter a booth at the show next year. What with it’s car in the works, other products like Google Glass would blow just about any tablet out of the water in terms of usability and usefullness. However if you can’t wait for Google Glass to come out with their consumer version, there is one company that was at CES, Vuzix smart glasses, which could suffice in the meantime. These could be very interesting when used in combination with say, Telepresence. You really could be two places at once, instead of just in front of your computer controlling a robot. Though there was not much for break out robotics products this year, the potential is there for next year. Perhaps someone might try to incorporate some of the more impressive technology from this year’s show into a unique product. I’m thinking mind-controlled Telepresence robot, but that’s just my opinion.

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