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All telepresence robot reviews can be found from this page. You will find robot reviews for home telepresence robots, business telepresence robots, and medical telepresence robots. You can sort by the type of robot, click to see each robots reviews page, or simply view the overall rating for each robot.

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Kubi reviews

This is a great device that gives you only what you need to. I used Kubi doing an interview and it is way better than a traditional video chat. Since…

PadBot P2 reviews

The PadBot P2 telepresence robot has as its main highlight the ability to be folded for easy storage and portability.  In addition to its foldability, the PadBot P2 features a…

VGo reviews

П о д р а в л я е м ! П о л у ч и т е В а ш п о д а р о ч н…

AMY A1 reviews

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PadBot P1 reviews

I can visit my elderly family at any time. Video chat and movements are quite smooth.

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