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What is a Stationary Telepresence Robot?

A stationary telepresence robot is, simply put, a robot which itself can not be driven around as other telepresence robots can be.  However, stationary telepresence robots have a screen that can be controlled by users, enabling them to view their surroundings.

Some of these robots have unique features such as the “Follow Me” feature which, as one example, allows you to create a video while the robot’s camera “follows” you around the room.  A similar feature allows you to record the motion of the robot for later playback, which enables you to have a video or image or slideshow displayed while the screen rotates around as programmed.

An advantage that stationary telepresence robots have over mobile robots is that there is no worry of accidentally running into furniture or, more importantly, people.  Another advantage is that they are far less likely to lose network connectivity (WiFi, etc) because they are stationary and the robot will not lose its connection as it may if it were being driven around as a mobile telepresence robot would be.

A final note to consider is that stationary telepresence robots are often much less expensive than robots which are mobile.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character, Sherlock Holmes, once uttered a statement to the effect that someone who is wise gathers as much information as possible before making a decision.  The knowledge that stationary robots are less expensive should propogate more discussion when deciding about which telepresence robot will be most helpful for your business or hospital.  Decision-makers may consider placing a stationary robot in each office or room as an alternative to the mobile options.

If you are interested in viewing the available stationary telepresence robots and how they can be used, visit our Robots page, select “Stationary Telepresence” from the “Type” dropdown menu, and click the blue “Apply” button.  From there you will find robot videos, images, reviews, and other information to help you in your decision of which robot to purchase.  If you have any further questions, feel free to return to our Telepresence Robots FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or contact us here.

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